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  1. Thank you. I think I will. I went to the site and they said they needed a video consultation and the test which together cost $345? It's a little out of my depth at the moment, financially, especially since I have insurance where my regular co-pays are $20. I sent them an email to see if they accept insurance, though I am guessing they won't, especially since I live in a state basically as far from Washington as is possible. (I also think charging to post to their forums is... I don't know, icky at best, predatory at worst. $20 per post? That is ridiculous.) Is there another way to get the test? If I ask my primary care doctor to write me a script for that specific test and then go to the right lab, can I do it that way? If not, is there another site or clinic like Westover Heights that is a little more reasonably priced? If I have to do it this way, so be it, but I just don't have the money at the moment. I have been having a really hard time finding accurate information on testing procedures and results, especially for Western blot, which is driving me crazy. Also, IGg is more accurate than IGm, but is inaccurate ~50% of the time in the low positive range. Both of my results are in this range for IGg. I also had a supplemental test that came up positive, but my test results don't list the type of test used and they won't tell me what test it was over the phone and I can't get back into the office for more than another week. Both of my doctors so far said "this means you definitely have it" which I am finding through research online isn't really completely accurate. I could have it, and I am coming to peace with the fact that I might, but indeterminate doesn't necessarily mean positive (or negative, for that matter.) This is what it said on the Westover Heights website: "People generally want to get the western blot to get the most accurate herpes antibody testing available. Often, they wish to confirm or deny a low positive result. We know that about 50% of people who test positive in the range of 1.1 to 3.5 don’t actually have herpes and this test will help sort that out. It is a Center for Disease Control recommendation in the 2015 STD Treatment Guidelines that everyone with an IgG result in this low positive range obtain a western blot or other very reliable confirmatory test. Herpes expert all agree that the western blot is by far the best confirmatory test." I test for all STIs every six months as sort of a matter of principle, and it's not usually 6 months on the nose, but usually as close to 6 months as possible depending on when I visit my doctors. As to exposure, the only person who could have given it to me if I am positive didn't know he had it and would also be asymptomatic. So I guess the last exposure would have been the last time we had sex. We've been together for a year a half and have been having sex basically constantly up until this test result, which is now about two weeks ago. So, anytime in those 18 months? But the first two tests in our relationship (the first being 2 months after we started dating, the second ~8 months later) came up negative, so it is only this last one that has come up positive for me and he is working on finding a time to get tested because he works so much that he has no time to go when any doctor or clinic is open. He has been STI tested in the past, but he didn't know he had to ask specifically for herpes tests so I am actually guessing he's never been tested for herpes specifically. Thanks for the replies. Sorry I talk a LOT. :)
  2. Hello. I was just diagnosed with HSV-2 by a new gynecologist by blood test, as I am asymptomatic if I have it at all. I do full STI panels at least every six months and make sure to tack on a herpes test since I know I have to ask or they won't. She was a huge jerk about it over the phone and offered zero follow up or support, and said I definitely had it but I probably already knew that. I am not in the business of insisting on STI testing for things I "know I have." I looked at my actual test results (IGG) and my number was 3.6, which is high borderline, with an unnamed "supplemental" test which was positive. I called to ask what that second test was and they said they couldn't tell me over the phone because of privacy, I would need to make an appointment for 3 weeks from now. So be it. I retested with my primary care doctor. Those results (after being lost for a week) also came back positive with a 3.2 this time, so again borderline, again IGG. My primary said that it was likely that I do have it since two tests (albeit the same test) came back positive from two different labs. I just need to know if I have HSV-2. I have heard the blood tests are very inaccurate, sometimes 50/50 inaccurate, and I need to come to some assessment so I can move on with my life either way. Every time I ask a doctor about it all they seem to do is slut shame me with inaccurate and hateful misinformation, so I am reticent to see a THIRD doctor about it who will do nothing but be cruel to me because I want to know my status. I just want to know. I have heard the Western Blot is the most accurate test, but again, I am trying to figure out at this point whether getting tested for now a FOURTH time is even necessary. I would like any suggestions or advice or links to helpful articles about testing. I don't care what the result is at this point, but anything has to be better than weeks and weeks of limbo hell where I am freaking out about it every second of my day and obsessing. I have mental health problems (depression, anxiety, PTSD) and this is really running me through the ringer emotionally more than anything else and I just want to know how to proceed. Thank you.
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