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  1. Yeah I got my results back after 4 days from when my sample got delivered. HSV 2 negative, while HSV 1 was detected, as expected since I get cold sores every few months. I've had minor balanitis in the past so I'm assuming that's what the scare was. I'd definitely recommend it as far as price goes as well as the call you get from the nurse. Very professional and also shows some emotion when talking to you about your results, can't say the same about friends that have been diagnosed at clinics/ outpatients. Even though I've gotten a negative on the HSV 2, I won't stop trying my best to educate people to kill the stigma around this minor skin condition.
  2. Do they happen to be tiny white bumps?
  3. Hey, 25 year old male from Canada here. I already know I'm HSV-1 positive from having cold sores since I was a kid. I've had some questionable, extremely tiny abrasions recently(painless, non itching, not uncomfortable) that made me want to confirm if I contracted HSV-2 or not. Since I don't currently have a doctor and work makes it difficult to go to a clinic, I decided to order a test kit from Letsgetchecked. Was wondering if anyone has ever used the site? Thanks.
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