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  1. I’m wondering what that time span is. It seems that HSV without suppressive meds can be what it is made out to be but with the suppressive meds everything’s OK as if you never had it. I guess it wouldn’t be fair to not tell your partner but at the same time if it’s a one night stand and your own meds and using protection.... I don’t know. I just know I’m not looking forward to it. I connected with an amazing woman on tinder a while back and we were speaking every day for almost a month while I was at sea and I was so excited to actually meet her when I got home and then right before I was coming home she drop the news that she had HSV I didn’t even know what it was I had to Google it. I was under the impression that oral wouldnt even be in the question and I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship where I couldn’t enjoy that so I chose not to meet. The irony of that. Now I’d love nothing more Feeling I guess we can Share it. when I first got diagnosed the nurse told me that it wasn’t the end of the world I certainly felt differently at the time. I guess we’ll see as time goes
  2. Having that topic conversation before sex with a date..... talking about anxiety. I can’t even imagine how that plays out. Talking about killing the mood.
  3. I haven’t had the opportunity. Once I jump ship I plan on reuniting with the one who passed it on to me but was wanting some more details as well. She has been placed on suppressive meds which I hope to as well. I just started a new job and am therefore without insurance for another month or two hence the fear of having another outbreak or flare up as the call it. Seems as if your on suppressive meds it’s not so common to pass it on. I guess my greatest fear is getting herpes on the mouth from oral as of having below wasn’t bad enough. Seems late in the game to learn with multiple partners it’s best to use protection so that when you do find your match you don’t have to.
  4. That’s good news. Thank you for sharing. Is stress a major contributor? I try to keep a regular exercise routine, personal hygiene of course. But going through a divorce and fighting for my children has increasingly added stress levels to an all new high.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing. I was diagnosed just a few days before shipping out. I was given a 10 day supply of meds which seem effective of clearing my first outbreak up. I’m scared to death I will have another one before I am able to get suppressive meds. If you don’t mind me asking how Has this affected your life? Without meds and with meds how often can I expect an outbreak? From what I’ve gathered suppressive meds help keeps it from spreading as well as having an outbreak. I’m assuming as long as you have meds it’s not necessary meaning your life is over or even life changing other than the embarrassment of having to share the information with a new partner. Am I close?
  6. This is my first forum I’m still trying to navigate it. It’s also my first experience with hsv, trying to navigate that as well. I’m sorry you got rejected. I know nothing of what life is going to be like from here on out and I’d greatly appreciate any time for conversation you would share with me.
  7. I found it difficult to get straight answers from anybody but I just had my first break out and trying to see what my future looks like if there is one what do I need to know about living with HSV two other than wrap it up. If I can find a partner With hsv2 what would be the advantage?Can I go down on a girl with HSV are those days over likewise can someone go down on me as long as there’s no outbreak? What kind of daily meds do you take?
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