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  1. What’s some vitamins to take to prevent outbreak ? Any home remedies to do during an outbreak ? Has anyone changed up their diet and has successfully prevented outbreaks ? What’s the new diet ? How could I avoid spreading it to my “negative “ partner
  2. Back story ; my ex husband exposed me to it while I was pregnant. The test results wasn’t positive until 6 months later. I became extremely depressed I felt like the only one. 2 doctors explained it two different ways so I was so confused . I stopped eating and started to drop weight. I sat my ex husband down 3xs to talk about my new results . He wanted to avoid the conversation. The last talk he actually asked me,” do I really have that”. He tried to flip it on me. But he knew.. everyone around us knew he was cheating & living a double life. My son and I was like a secret. Once his cheating came to the light it was easy to put 2&2. Together. he continued to have sex with other women infecting then also without a care in the world . present: I met someone new who wasn’t on the positive singles dating page. My one year anniversary of getting exposed has just past. I don’t know rather to say yay or nay. I sat the new SO down when things started to get a little hot and touchy . I was super nervous. Heart was beating fast. I explained everything. In the back of my head I just knew he was going to freak out and we weren’t going to be able to take it further. He’s a medical student so he knew more about it than I researched. He told me that he got me and don’t let it define me. Called me beautiful & he respected me more for talking to him about it. One thing led to the next . Happily ever after. I wanted to let anyone that’s down from this know. That you’re not alone ! Real love is out there ! You can still have an amazing sex /dating life. I recommend that you have the courage to disclose it. If you’re scared of talking to “ negative “ “ clean “ people make a profile on positive singles and have some fun.! Connect with people who’s like yourself. God bless & keep y’all head up.
  3. I would love a group chat I’m curious about a seminar type or meet up to bond like a book club because it’s unbelievable I feel like I’m the only one
  4. I needed this ... im learning how to cope if it wasn’t for my son I’d be severely depressed and would’ve isolated myself.,, i’d Feel like people are talking about me or saying I’m dirty .. a lot of young people are uneducated and immature about the topic . Facing the embarrassment Is the worst part next to rejection .
  5. Would love an Hbuddy ... in Oklahoma or Texas .. im 20 years old just found out 2 days ago
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