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  1. Does anyone have any success stories on casually having sex with someone? That is something I'm interested in, but I'm scared to do it.
  2. it's a very personal thing to sharee.. and I feel like such a messed up person for not letting them know.
  3. if you find a way to make peace with it let me know pls :')
  4. Right... I'm conflicted. I now know I want to disclose to future partners, however, this one I drunkenly messed around with is not someone I want to be serious with.. so I was hesitant on telling him. I was also hesitant because I don't feel like I can trust him, and he's pretty judgmental, literally I just wanted a friends with benefit situation. Now I'm stuck with the same guilt because I didn't tell him like I planned to.
  5. Did you end up telling him? Yes, we have to in order to move on. I hate the mistakes I've made.
  6. My ex boyfriend gave me HSV2 four years ago. We dated on and off for those four years, and during our off times, I had a couple of flings and one night stands. The initial person who diagnosed me (healthcare worker at my college) gave me some advice on how to handle herpes- don’t let anyone go down on you and just use protection until you feel like telling someone. That’s what I did for years (except I’m horrible and people have gone down on me without knowing).. only one person knew I had it because I told him. I guess I was so ashamed I just wanted to avoid my condition. Now that I’m getti
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