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  1. I was diagnosed with HSV2 almost four years ago back in college. I got it from a long term boyfriend. I knew it was him because I had been clean and with another long term boyfriend for a couple years right before him (I didn’t sleep with anyone else in between). He also had an idea of who he got it from— he admitted to passing it to me without knowing. Anyways, it was horrible and devastating. My college’s health service center gave me my results and she told me it was no big deal.. and to just use condoms and when I feel like I want to marry the person (her exact words) then I can tell them. I was young and took the advice seriously. So I stayed with my boyfriend on and off for a couple of years. We’d break up, and I will admit I had a handful of one night stands without disclosing. I listened to what she had said. Long story short, as time when on.. I started feeling like this wasn’t right. I am aware now that it is transmittable through condoms and you can pass it even when you’re not having an outbreak. I’ve been intimate with about 10 people, the last one about 7 months ago— I have the worst guilt and feel like the worst person in the world. I am severely depressed and don’t know what to do. Is it too late to tell people? My thoughts are— if they have it, it may not be from me.. or is it necessary to tell someone up to two years after having intercourse? I’m so desperate for help. I’ve gone to my gyno, (well the PA there) and again, she says not to disclose until you feel ready. I’m on medication and I’ve only had one outbreak, so I do feel like my chances are really slim in passing it.. but it doesn’t make it right for what I did. I feel so disgusting and so sad, I don’t know what to do. Do I go down my list and tell these people?
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