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  1. I think moving forward I need to keep the mindset that some people will be okay with it and some will not, that even with the best delivery and connection, it can be a deal breaker with some people. I think telling someone early is the best option. Saves yourself time and more of a heartache.
  2. Just had my first rejection. Here's the story, my friend set me up with his friend. Really nice girl, genuine and funny. I met her initially one weekend and messaged her after, talking daily. I met with her another weekend. We had a great night at a bar, go to the bed but I was too intoxicated. We just went to bed. This is about a month in since I first met her. Before she leaves I invite her to a ball, that is happening in a month. She ends up coming for the entire weekend. Things are going great, however, on the last night we're about to have sex. I break her the news that I have herpes, except I'm really nervous and I portray the shame of having it with my delivery. I don't really say much, we just sat there. She leaves the next day, we really don't talk about it. I didnt want to pressure her or anything so I gave her some time. We were still talking everyday, but I have a sense that she's just being nice. So I ask her what she's thinking and how she feels. I wanted to know to see if I should ask to see her again. While the truth meant a lot to her, it wasn't enough and she just wants to be friends. It fuckin sucks, I feel like shit and I'm a wreck right now. I'm not a very emotional guy but this hurts. I know I did the right thing, and I will continue to the right thing. I guess the lessons learned are this: I) the delivery is important and 2) don't wait too long because the rejection will hurt more. The rejection is something different, it's different because I was rejected because of herpes and that hits on another level. The only problem I see with the lessons learned is that if you tell them right away then they are not committed to you and its easy to walk away. They don't feel attached and it's easier just to avoid you instead of making it work by managing it. Comments, advice, etc. Cheers
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