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  1. Hey, Question? Is your husband H+ ? If he’s not, how did you guys go about having babies? I'm H+ but my spouse is H- and we want to try for kids but I don’t want to put him at any risk. what would be your advice ?
  2. As it all sounds good & happens for some, it doesn’t happen for all. Don’t matter what you do & what medicine you take there’s always that % of transmitting. You can’t expect someone to accept it no matter how much they love you. However I’m a female 9yrs H+ & my boyfriend is H- . We are going to try the home insemination process. you can message me for more details or look it up on YouTube.
  3. Wow I’m so sorry you have to endure such a thing. People are really disgusting. Ado as you said & continue to go work, you have accomplishments and goals to reach. Smh ridiculous. I’m so mad for you.
  4. Yes the stings that surrounds this skin condition is horrible, people are more free to talk about HIV. I don’t get it but yes life does go on. Acceptance is 🔑
  5. I am you ❤️ This process is hard to take in. You will go through the ring of emotions, however, it does get better over time. Unlike me, you found support early. I’m here for you 🤜🏽
  6. I definitely understand how you feel. It’s a hard thing to process. With time it will get easier & you will learn a lot about yourself and people. Take it easy. It does get better over time.
  7. Sign me up 😊 I would love to have a H-Buddy, as I am new to this site. I’m 9yrs+ In, so I would definitely like to offer my advice & also receive support. That’s what it’s all about. No specific Preference ( Male or female ) I’m from the NY area 🤗
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