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  1. If you aren’t happy you need to leave ! It’s not fair on either of you just staying out of convenience! I have literally found my soul mate, the happiest relationship I’ve ever had ( first one since my diagnosis 2 years ago) I literally had it in my head I wouldn’t Be able to have a relationship due to herpes but I have ! He doesn’t have it and he’s 100% accepting of me because he knows we are so good together and isn’t going to let this little skin condition come In the way ! what I’m saying is if you aren’t happy leave and you will both find other people more suited and willing to acce
  2. I hope it went well for you !! ☺️ Sounds like you have a great positive mindset about the whole thing! The fact you have felt confident in disclosing is brilliant, it shows you’ve overcome the worst part ! And if he doesn’t accept you for it then it means he wasn’t right for you anyway, you got this 💪🏽 X
  3. Hey! So Im currently dating this guy and he seems lovely, we get on so well and i do potentially see it going somewhere HOWEVER I’m so scared to disclose ! I’ve had this nearly 2 years now and I’ve dated but the fear of having to disclose has always pushed me away and almost shut me off so I either back out or seem uninterested 😩 when in reality it’s the fear of rejection stopping me! As a result I haven’t been with anyone since my diagnosis and at 24 I feel like it’s really impacting me and I’m scared that this is it and I'm just going to be alone ! I try and remain positive about i
  4. Hey, so I’ve been diagnosed with GHSV-2 for just over a year and a half and I pretty much have outbreaks every month, they seem to be getting more and more painful, similar to my first ! As a result I’m wanting to start taking Acyclovir daily, to hopefully help reduce outbreaks and give me confidence to actually go back out and date people ! However as a 24 year old I’m also concerned about if Acyclovir can impact fertility as I would like to hopefully have a family in the next few years. I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or information regarding this ? Or if anyone who has
  5. Heyy ☺️ I’m 24, Female from the Uk, I’ve had HSV-2 for nearly 2 years, it’d be nice to have someone to talk to about everything and to provide and receive support 😌 happy to chat to anyone, feel free to send me a message 😌
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