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  1. If you aren’t happy you need to leave ! It’s not fair on either of you just staying out of convenience! I have literally found my soul mate, the happiest relationship I’ve ever had ( first one since my diagnosis 2 years ago) I literally had it in my head I wouldn’t Be able to have a relationship due to herpes but I have ! He doesn’t have it and he’s 100% accepting of me because he knows we are so good together and isn’t going to let this little skin condition come In the way ! what I’m saying is if you aren’t happy leave and you will both find other people more suited and willing to accept you, even after disclosing! I know you say you don’t want to infect someone you love but if you’ve told them of the risks and if you’re being safe by using either protection or Acyclovir and avoiding sex during outbreaks then you’ve done as much as possible to prevent that risk and if she does catch it at least you know you did what you could and that she’s consented ! You need to change your attitude about this because it’s not healthy to let it impact you in such a level it is ruining your quality of life !
  2. I hope it went well for you !! ☺️ Sounds like you have a great positive mindset about the whole thing! The fact you have felt confident in disclosing is brilliant, it shows you’ve overcome the worst part ! And if he doesn’t accept you for it then it means he wasn’t right for you anyway, you got this 💪🏽 X
  3. Hey! So Im currently dating this guy and he seems lovely, we get on so well and i do potentially see it going somewhere HOWEVER I’m so scared to disclose ! I’ve had this nearly 2 years now and I’ve dated but the fear of having to disclose has always pushed me away and almost shut me off so I either back out or seem uninterested 😩 when in reality it’s the fear of rejection stopping me! As a result I haven’t been with anyone since my diagnosis and at 24 I feel like it’s really impacting me and I’m scared that this is it and I'm just going to be alone ! I try and remain positive about it and I know I have a lot of good qualities etc and I’m not my diagnosis but I just struggle to picture myself having a successful disclosure and it’s making me so anxious about my future! so was just hoping people could post some positive disclosing stories or ways to not let the fear of disclosing ruin any potential relationships! ... anything positive in general would be super appreciated! Also what length of time have people waited to disclose ? I was going to see how the third date went then after that tell him if I decide that I do want to progress things! thanks in advance x
  4. Hey, so I’ve been diagnosed with GHSV-2 for just over a year and a half and I pretty much have outbreaks every month, they seem to be getting more and more painful, similar to my first ! As a result I’m wanting to start taking Acyclovir daily, to hopefully help reduce outbreaks and give me confidence to actually go back out and date people ! However as a 24 year old I’m also concerned about if Acyclovir can impact fertility as I would like to hopefully have a family in the next few years. I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or information regarding this ? Or if anyone who has taken acyclovir long term has managed to still go on to have healthy pregnancies? I’ve tried googling it but that just scared me more😅 Thank you so much in advance 😌
  5. Heyy ☺️ I’m 24, Female from the Uk, I’ve had HSV-2 for nearly 2 years, it’d be nice to have someone to talk to about everything and to provide and receive support 😌 happy to chat to anyone, feel free to send me a message 😌
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