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  1. I’m in your same shoes. My husband died sept 2019, and I was having so much fun dating the past couple of months. I met a great guy and things got way carried away and we had sex before i disclosed my condition. Now I’m scared to death to tell him. I feel awful I didn’t tell him earlier. You’re not alone in this angst of dating after loss with herpes. ❤️
  2. Hello! This is my first time posting. background: I’m 48. I acquired herpes when I was about 25 from a boyfriend who didn’t disclose his condition. I was devastated. Went through a huge depression, etc. Dealt with it and moved on. Got married. Had three kids. Marriage went south. My husband and I separated and then he committed suicide. My husband never got active herpes from me. Not sure if he had a dormant strain as he never got tested. I’ve been largely symptom free for quite some time. Fast forward 16 months and I decided to give dating a try. I met a REALLY nice man who I like very much
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