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  1. Sorry to say, but your friends needs to get a grip. She kisses her baby right? Shares food with her baby right? Other ppl kiss her child right? Most adolescents come into contact with HSV1 as child’s. It’s kinda unavoidable. Secondly, just because the child drunk after you doesn’t mean he’s gonna automatically be exposed to it. Lastly, it gets easier. Well for me. I advised you to research. 90% of the global population carries a strain. You’re not alone. The stigma really comes from the pharmaceutical companies. And society made it worse. Please take care of yourself, and if I can make you fee
  2. I’m really big on manifesting, so I probably look silly rn typing this out but I’m terrified. Blood test didn’t tell me which type & I asked if he wanted me to be specifically test to find out but he said no since we were already having sex and how everyone basically has it. (We drunkenly had sex before we got together officially. I got tested before we became a couple) He does have hsv1. This week I’ve been having a yeast infection & me and my parter had sex. I take my anti viral everyday, as well. Well my bf has been feeling fatigue for a few days, & we’re not sure if it’s the fl
  3. Wow! When I use to get genital outbreaks, at the same time I use to get a few bumps on this one particular spot on my arm that would tingle! I’m sure I was experiencing the same as you. And when I took my medication, it went away the same time as my outbreak down there. I was always afraid to tell my doctor about it tho, but I used a bandaid to cover it. I would include a picture for comparison if that’s fine with you. So I’m sure I touched myself while having a outbreak & spreading it thru a cut on my skin.
  4. Re reading again I think you’re saying she reminds you of you potentially being exposed? If that’s true my apologies of accusing you.
  5. I’d say if you guys have frequent sexual conversation, which let’s be honest we’re grown it happens, & maybe if you’re talking about this corona virus, maybe bring up this virus? You know how many ppl could have corona & be asymptotic & it’s the same with hsv? See where his head is at with that, & take it from there, you don’t have disclose there but this is a great way to bring it up
  6. Yes I’d like to apart. But isn’t kik like a deleted app or something?
  7. Well how would you get it from her if you aren’t sexual active with her? Which is implying you think she’s a walking contagion. And yes ppl who avoid trying to get herpes don’t avoid touching ppl who do have it because news flash they’re not walking contagions.
  8. Why are u thinking of ur friend like this? Does she know you think she’s a contagious walking thing?
  9. He doesn’t even accept himself, you definitely dodged a bullet.
  10. I’m no longer on Medicaid, which means I have to pay out of pocket for my valacyclovir. I’m using suppressive therapy, because I am sexually active. I keep seeing so many different prices, and I want to know roughly how much would I need to save to afford it. Thanks.
  11. um what? Think u should really listen to the information ur research is telling you.
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