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  1. Why this sounds so condescending. If I could dislike this comment, I would.
  2. No problem, & So far I’ve only disclosed to one parter & he was chill about it because to most it’s really no big deal! But yes I encourage you to get ur stats & facts because the more confident & comfortable you sound the more accepting the outcome will be. There’s a tag on here that lets you hear others herpes disclosures success stories to give you more encouragement :)
  3. Yes they can perform oral sex. I’ve had hsv2 for a year now, (ik I’m not a veteran, but I hadn’t seen any comments lol) still do all the normal things. It shouldn’t & doesn’t stop you. Download the owners e-book & handouts it’ll tell ur the facts & stats & also how passing hsv2 to mouth is practically impossible.
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