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  1. Thank you!! I needed your words right now. I’m so upset there is so much stigma with this. I never figured I’d deal with this, esp. after all this time. I’m crying right now, but I hope one day to be ok
  2. Please, go to a doctor. It will help with your outbreaks, I’m on Valtrex with outbreaks. It helps. I’m 41, I work for the State of Alaska and am well known in my small town. I can relate with being afraid of people finding out. I have my second outbreak right now, first was in November. I feel pretty down about this, though my sister and best friend also have it, it doesn’t take away from me processing it. I disclosed to my boyfriend with my first outbreak and he was completely supportive. I’m here to hopefully feel less alone. Be honest with partners, they will respect you for that.
  3. I had my first outbreak in November, the first time knowing I have herpes. I am having my second outbreak and I feel so down & discouraged. I find myself wondering why, and feeling like a leper. One of my sisters & best friends have this, had for years but when I go to talk to them about it, they just say - it’s nothing, it’s common, etc. I get it but it’s new to me & I can’t help but feel less than. I’m depressed about it, and feel so down. I disclosed to my bf s as soon as I found out. He was supportive, I hate to tell him I have another outbreak. I feel horrible. Can anyone relate?
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