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  1. Yes see I mean even my first outbreak was just a cold and one small bump but ever since then I don’t get an outbreak my girlfriend has hsv 2 as well she’s had an ob but it’s only like 2 bumps but I haven’t had to take antivirals or anything my bottle is still full so I’m just confused I might be asymptomatic or idk my hsv 2 levels are very low
  2. That’s crazy I hope your baby is ok but I’m confused nobody has said anything about me infecting them or anything then I take a herpes test and they say I have it but ever since December I haven’t had an outbreak and even in my blood test the doctor said I was clean
  3. I have been diagnosed with hsv2 since December of last year I’m just wondering do I really have it or not or do I actually have Ghsv1 my initial ob systoms felt like I had a common cold and I had a few bumps but ever since then I haven’t felt anything or is it I just have a weak strain of hsv 2 is there a test out there that is accurate because I got a blood test and it was positive but acouple weeks I was at the doctors and they drew blood and the doctor said my blood was clean im confused does anybody know?
  4. It’s been 3 months since my diagnosis I was a little depressed when I first found out but then things went bck to normal and I don’t even let get to me at all I’m just a very positive person I can’t imagine going through life being sad all the time and I refuse to let his dictate my life I’m only 22 and I’m a male it sucks I got it but I have to keep going my life ain’t over yet I got it from my current girlfriend things are going good with her I don’t feel any hate or anything towards her because she said she didn’t know she had it I took her word for it and it is a infection that most people don’t realize they have plus doctors don’t even recommend you testing for it unless you have symptoms of it which makes it more complicating to test for but since my initial ob I haven’t had any outbreaks I’m a little confused as to which form I have I mean I know I was sick with flu like symptoms but since then I haven’t experienced any bumps or rashes or anything my doctor recommended that I only take meds if I feel another outbreak coming on but since then I haven’t felt anything so their hasn’t been any reason to take them i don’t know if it could it be I got diagnosed with the wrong strain or is too early to call when I will have another ob should I just wait and see. I’m just confused because I heard ghsv 2 recurrence rate is more then gshv 1 and ghsv 1 is less active because it’s in a area where it doesn’t want to be idk does anybody experience no ob after there initial one with hsv 2 or did I get misdiagnosed with the wrong strain ?
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