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  1. I feel like herpes is a life filter.. when you like someone and tell them & they reject you it kinda makes you seem them for who they truly are and 9/10 it’s not a person you want around.. they don’t have to accept it and pursue a relationship but they can be sympathetic and understanding and willing to learn.. Good luck either way!
  2. I was diagnosed at 21, i just turned 24. I may be young but we relate on this one topic. PLEASE don’t feel like herpes dating sites are all you deserve. Even at my lowest I never considered it because herpes is NOT who i am it’s just what i happen to have. I found myself in a domestic relationship, being mentally physically & verbally abused bc i met someone who had hsv 2 as well and i felt like we were meant to be together bc of that.. Some people will care and may not want to peruse if you disclose but there are people who will love you regardless. Disclosing always scared me and when I
  3. Hi everyone! I’m a 24 year old female, I was diagnosed with HSV2 in 2018 and as most people felt, I was tarnished and finished. I contracted it from my then boyfriend who just couldn’t stay faithful. Flash forward to my life now, i’ve been in one relationship and I disclosed before it even started and to my surprise he disclosed back. We were together for about a year and thank God it’s over. It was a traumatizing relationship and I felt like I had to stay bc we both had the same thing. Flash forward again and here I am just casually dating then I met someone. We met through some friends, hung
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