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  1. I’m a male and had recent casual encounters with a female, protected intercourse and received extensive unprotected oral on penis and scrotum. The two encounters were 4 days apart. Over the subsequent days I started to feel fatigue, cold sweats, mild headaches, pain in my neck glands, extremely dry lips and anxiety. I developed redness on my face, and small pimple like bumps around my nose, and redness on my scrotum. I went to urgent care and they said it was simply a rash and not herpes. I requested an IgG and they said it was not recommended and to wait to see if lesions developed. I went to a dermatologist 20 days from my first encounter with the same symptoms and was diagnosed with dermatitis. I requested an IgG and was positive for HSV-1 with an index of 8.73. They also ordered an IgM, which was positive with index of 1.35. On a different forum I asked if it was likely my IgG score was indication of a recent infection. I received a response that it was unlikely. The response also stated that with an index of 8.73, that I was not going to have any bad primary. I’m curious if others agree with this response and the chances of having an IgG index of 8.73 within three weeks of exposure. In my research I understand that it generally take 12 weeks to fully develop antibodies for the IgG test. I’ve also read that there is no correlation between the index value and the scale of the outbreaks. Any thoughts on this? On the same forum I found a response to a similar question that somewhat contradicts this information and I’m very confused. In this case they had a test four weeks from their suspected exposure with an IgG index of 41 and the response stated that since they waited four weeks for their test there was no way to know if it was a new or old infection. I’m surprised that my test being just shy of three weeks received a response to suggest that my infection was not due to my recent encounters? This is important to me because I want to know what to expect when I have future illnesses and potential outbreaks. I’m very upset I didn’t insist on the IgG test during my visit to urgent care. It has been five weeks since my encounter and I have not had any lesions or noticeable outbreaks. I continue to have very dry lips with on and off tingling sensation and sore testicles. Additionally, if this is not a recent infection I feel I have a responsibility to notify my previous partner, which I dated for multiple years. She is someone that I care about deeply but this will be a very difficult conversation to have as we have not talked much since we broke up. Do people think I should tell my past serious partner of my recent results? Any help and insight would be appreciated.
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