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  1. Hi there! I hope you're doing okay, and I totally understand your confusion! Typically, swabs are considered to be the more reliable method of diagnosis over a blood test, so that's a little odd that your swabs are coming in negative. I would say, yes, having an index of >5.00 for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 means you are at least carrying it in your system, but try taking another blood test if you want to be sure. I would also talk to your gyno about why the swabs are coming in negative, and if it could be anything else! If it's not HSV causing the ulcers, than you at least want to know what is s
  2. I would say her transmitting it to herself that way is highly unlikely. Herpes viruses thrive in mucus membranes (I.e. our lips and genitals), so the possibility of it surviving for very long on your hands (no mucus membranes) to then be passed to the genitals is low. Sure, it happens, which is how people end up with ocular herpes, but that's pretty rare. Plus, if you're on suppressive therapy and have no visible outbreak, I would say that significantly lessens the possibility. Take a deep breath! I'm sure it's fine.
  3. Hi there! I know the feelings you're going through right now, but try your best to remain as calm as you can - it's going to be alright! I'm not a medical expert, but I have a few friends who have been in long term relationships with HSV-2 positive partners, and have never contracted it. If your partner was taking antivirals and you have used protection, your chances of contracting it are actually very low (about 2-4% per YEAR, which is roughly the same as getting pregnant on birth control). Everyone's bodies are different - some of us, like myself, were unlucky enough to get it in a chance en
  4. Hi there! Herpes tests can be confusing, and I'm having some confusion myself, so I understand the frustration! So I believe the general rule is that swabs are usually viewed as more reliable than blood tests. Blood tests will also show up negative if you take them too recently after your initial infection, as your body has not had time to create antibodies yet. They say you should wait about 6-12 weeks after your initial breakout or swab before getting a blood test. So, if your razor burn was actually a breakout and you did a swab test, I would look at how long after that you took your first
  5. I was relieved to hear I wasn't the only one, as well! I remember thinking it was strange, but I played it off as being hyper-aware of outbreaks, as it was happening fairly close after I was diagnosed. I haven't had it happen there in a long time, however, now I'm dealing with a fissure at the front above the clitoral hood that keeps popping up. It looks like a paper cut and doesn't seem to respond to valtrex or have any other HSV symptoms along with it, so I've been looking at what it could be. I am by no means a medical professional, but my google investigations brought me to a reddit thread
  6. Hi everyone! I've had some similar questions myself. I was swabbed positive for GHSV-1 initially two years ago, then I had a negative blood test for both. I figured it was just because it was a recent infection. I went back in this past February and had another blood test, and it came back in the equivocal range for HSV-1 (I think it was like 0.9) and 5.0 for HSV-2. I'm super confused if this means my initial swab was incorrect, or if my most recent blood test is reading a false positive for HSV-2. Or, maybe I just have the worst luck ever and was dually infected! Who knows. But very confusing
  7. Hi! Strangely enough, I've actually had this, as well! I also didn't notice it until after my diagnosis and have been curious about similar things. I haven't had many problems with it recently, but after my diagnosis I constantly thought I was having outbreaks, but it was just those weird small tears. I'm curious to hear if your emollients help!
  8. Hi there! Please know that I have gone through all of these same feelings, and that you're not alone. I can also tell you that as time goes on, you will slowly but surely start to feel like yourself again! And you cannot blame yourself for this - it takes two to tango! Also, try not to let the stereotypes of promiscuity and STDs get into your head too much. This diagnosis isn't a punishment for having multiple partners, it can happen to anyone! One of my friends got it from her first high school boyfriend as a teenager. She's now happily with her current boyfriend of many years, and has had a
  9. I think this is an issue that many of us in our college years and twenties have, myself included! I would agree with lots of points that others have already made. I was diagnosed when I was 23 and I live in NYC, so I was DEVASTATED because I thought my fun casual dating life in the big city was over. The first thing I came to realize, as someone else touched on, is that once I took a break from casual sex, I found I didn't actually miss it very much. But that's totally different for everyone! College is definitely a time to learn more about yourself sexually if you choose to do so, but with th
  10. @mrh1227 don't be too hard on yourself! I think more people on here have put themselves into similar situations than some will admit - myself included! Not that it's right, but I think many of us have made mistakes out of fear of rejection; you're only human! I remember once I told someone RIGHT before we did the deed after a night of drinking, and I felt horrible after because I knew I didn't give him a fair opportunity to really assess the situation. I could tell it bothered him, but we eventually had further conversations about it after he had taken his own time to do more research, and end
  11. This is very sweet and kind! I feel very similarly to you - I was diagnosed about two years ago and it completely shook my world. I have always been a very outgoing person and I genuinely enjoy dating and going out and talking to guys. I'm not perfect, and haven't always made the smartest decisions regarding my sexual health, but ironically I contracted this from someone I'd seen on and off for 7 years. It really destroyed me at first - I was in my early twenties, and I would look at my friends who were casually dating and think "why did this happen to me? we're all out here dating around." Bu
  12. Is anyone able to provide any insight?? Thank so much!
  13. I had a very similar experience to this! So I was swabbed positive for GHSV-1 about two years ago from a lesion I thought was strange. My first blood test was taken soon after, and came back negative for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 (we figured it was just because it was a new infection). Last year, I had routine blood work done again, and it once again came up in the "equivocal" range for HSV-1, and my HSV-2 came up with a positive IgG of 5. I'm very confused by this, as with a swab coming back positive for HSV-1, I figured my IgG should reflect that? I'm wondering what the probability for a false po
  14. Hi @Riseandfall , just curious - what did the clinic say? Did you figure anything out regarding this? My cut actually JUST came back today and I'm frustrated as usual. It seemed to appear out of absolutely nowhere! How has yours been?
  15. Hello everyone, Hope you're all staying safe and healthy through this craziness! I have a question for the ladies on here; I have a very long cut centered right between my labia at the very front. It's very odd, and will just pop up randomly and bleed a bit. The last time it appeared it took over a month to clear up. I'm unfortunately lucky enough to be diagnosed with both HSV-1 and 2 already, but it's such an odd symptom, and I'm wondering if it's even related...has anyone else had this? It doesn't seem to respond to Valtrex - normally my breakouts clear up within a few days. Is it yeast r
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