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  1. Hi! It’s been a while... I was diagnosed back in January with HSV-1 and I had a really rough time of it. Constant outbreaks and also facial coldsores which I’ve always suffered really bad with. Finally in August after a lot of trauma and MH issues my GP gave me acyclovir x2 400mg a day and since then I have managed to let go of the fear and shame I was holding on too. No symptoms, no outbreaks, no coldsores!!! Wow it was amazing. But here I am.. writing to you currently with a coldsore on my face. I am currently taking penicillin for tonsillitis I am also very sore down bel
  2. After having my first ever OB(HSV1) in January and getting over it, I had sex 2/3 weeks after and some slight tears due to soreness caused my second OB end of February. I had anti viral tablets for both of these which seemed to clear them both up. in between both OB’s I also had terrible face coldsores. A week on from finishing my second dose of tablets I’ve been feeling less sore, no visible sores and a slight bit of itching. My boyfriend gave me oral sex over the weekend and I now have a coldsore on my face appear... is this linked or massive coincidence??? So paranoid and just desperat
  3. Firstly thanks SO much for your reply, sometimes just discussing it with someone that has had a similar issue helps so much. My partner is so lovely and understanding but he just doesn’t understand how I’m feeling which is obviously not his fault. Since posting I have actually go a lot better, no redness or current irritation just little and often itching which I’m doing well to ignore at the moment but it is that time of the month also so thinking could be this!! I think lube is going to be the way forward just so daunting to think it could come up again!! xx
  4. Finally somewhere I can hopefully find answers? Im 28yo and I am a chronic coldsore (mouth) sufferer About 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with HSV1 and my world has crashed ever since. I originally thought it was a spot or sore due to working out a lot, suddenly I had swollen lymph noids, a fever and intense pain. I went to a OOH clinic (im in the uk) and because I had a Ingrown hair i was put on antibiotics and thought nothing of it. A few days later I went to my GP as my whole area down below was red raw and so so sore. She thought it wa
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