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Rediscovering my worth

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  1. Hello Hello, beautiful reader 😊 Yes, you are beautiful! And you are worthy of love, of sex, of appreciation! I believe in the power of affirmations, to retrain the mind to think a certain way. For years all of us are told what to think of our bodies, we are taught to believe we need to change, that we are not good enough. Not because we want to think like this about ourselves, but because companies can make money off of our insecurities. THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH HERPES. (I learned that from Herpes Opportunity, *I give thanks to you*) So, let's all write down affirmations we can repeat to ourselves every day. Every morning, every evening, when you feel like shit, when you feel amazing, whenever you NEED it or WANT it. Take note of the ones that speak to you, of the ones you feel you need more of in your life. Because your happiness, your acceptance, your self-worth all start with YOU. And YOU'VE GOT THIS, you beautiful human. This is my affirmation, especially designed for the Herpes diagnosis by Louise Hay. I say it to myself every morning, and it really helps me to get my strength back whenever I need an extra bit of a push, an extra bit of support when I lack it within myself. Here we go: The Universe supports me (Or your version of God) My higher self supports me. I am supported by others. I am normal and I am natural. I rejoice in my sexuality and in my own body. I am wonderful. Please share your affirmation here. Remember to be kind ❣️
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