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  1. Hi, thank you. I think that going to a therapist will hopefully help me. The thing is I live in Sweden and they Don’t do blood test unless you have symptoms. And I Don’t think my ex is interested in taking one either. My ex do have HSV1 orally for years, I read somewhere that it could make a certain protection for HSV2, is that true?
  2. Hi guys, I could really need som advice figuring out my thoughts. I got diagnosed with HSV2 this week. Me and my ex has been on a break for 1 year trying to figure things out. He has been with other women and I have been with other men. About two weeks ago I had sex with a stranger. I was so drunk, and I insisted on him using a condom. He looked around in some drawers and I thought he put on a condom. During the act I noticed that he did not use a condom, and I told him that was really disrespectful and stormed out taking a cab home. From talking to my therapist she Said that it was an assault. Is it? One week after I got diagnosed with HSV2 and Im certain that this stranger has given me this. Either way I told my ex about all of this. He is really sad that this has happend to me and he blames himself, saying that it he didnt break up with me this would have never happend. We have taken some time apart and now he is starting to get a little bit angry, which is understandable. I have told him that I Can’t live with the thought givning him this disease, but he firmly claims that if we figure this out it won’t be a problem since we will live our whole life together with kids and all. I feel such anxiety and I just want him to live his best life.
  3. Thanks for the support. I am Living in Sweden and no on ever talks about herpes. I had to do my own research since the doctors didn’t give me much information. I experience through forums that disclosing herpes here is not needed. I’ve seen post from pregnant ladies getting asked if they have herpes saying no when their partner is present, only to make a call to the doctor Office saying it’s not true. I Can’t get my head around it. I didn’t have a choice for this, and not telling my future partner is not an option. Either way I told them that I want to go in therapy for this. I will go to a pschyolog for this on monday, specialized in these types of problems, and I really hope it will help.
  4. Hi, thank you. The thing is that it doesn’t hurt that much, it’s just a little bit itchy. The hardest point is the physical side to it. I just see my future not being the way I imagined.
  5. Hi Guys, well this has been an emotionally rollercoaster. It started with one sore in the insides of the vagina and it was like that for about a week. Now 1,5 week later new sores are popping up on the outside?! I Don’t touch them with my hands and I just started 10 days of Valacyclovir will new sores keep popping up? 😞 how can I prevent it from happening?
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