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  1. Hello everyone.. I was diagnosed with HSV2 back in October from a standard STD test given to me by my regular physician, and I am still struggling with how to deal with it. By the time I found out I had been with my steady boyfriend for a year already (who was clean of all diseases when we met & I thought I was clean as well) I had slept with one person in between my last relationship & my current boyfriend. I had used protection, but I am certain that he had to be the person who gave it to me, somehow. When I created a timeline I realized I had to have had the virus for at least a year before learning my positive status. It has taken a toll on both me and my boyfriend, but he has been very supportive and has not placed any blame on me, yet I still feel guilty. After finding out my status I did some research and found out that the CDC does not recommend for herpes blood tests as they often prove to be unreliable and false positives can lead to mental & emotional stress on the individual (as it is doing to me) Every time I feel a slight tingle in my vagina I swear it’s an outbreak & begin to panic (but it never happens) I also think it is important to mention that my boyfriend got his blood tested but his doctor never called with the results because he said “no news will be good news” Is it possible that my test is wrong? How would I go about getting a more accurate test done so that I can know for sure?
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