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  1. No, her forum is not like this. You have to pay $20 to ask her two questions. She answers your question, and based on the info you provide her she tells you whether you should get the western blot or not. Based on what I’ve read & what I’ve seen on her forum, she’ll most likely tell you to get it. You can also schedule an eVisit with her to discuss it face to face. After the eVisit is over, based on the convo & whatever choice you make, she will charge you for both the eVisit and the test itself. Then you have to call the Univeristy of Washington and have it mailed to your home. Terri will email you with directions on how to complete the process. I must warn you, the test is expensive, and based on where you live there might not be places to draw and spin your blood. Shipping it to Seattle is also quite expensive. But it is the most reliable test out there, so I didn’t mind spending the money.
  2. My results were negative for HSV2 and indeterminate for HSV1 Terri said I could retest— but in her professional opinion, it’s likely that it will just come out indeterminate again, and that I should just consider it negative and move on My boyfriend is HSV1 positive with an index of 21.10 so she said if he hasn’t given it to me already, he probably won’t since he’s had it for so long & I probably built up immunity to it slowly
  3. Strange that it would now suddenly change, but since that index is so low, I would absolutely look into the test. The CDC doesn’t even recommend testing for people who are asymptomatic for the simple reason that the tests are inaccurate and unpredictable but you can always ask Terri herself o her Westover Heights forum
  4. And yeah you’re right! My boyfriend’s index for HSV-1 is 21.10 so he’s had it a very long time (never had an outbreak either) and Terri said there’s little to no chance he can spread it to me (and we’ve been together long enough that if he was going to transmit it to me, it would have happened already) Terri basically said to save my money lol because if I retested, the HSV-1 will probably come back as indeterminate again & that it should be considered a negative I’m choosing to move on from my life & try to educate others on the testing
  5. You said you know you have HSV-1? Have you had an outbreak? Or a swab test done?
  6. Literally got my results from Terri about 15 minutes ago and they were negative!! My HSV-1 came back indeterminate (and my boyfriend has had it since he was a kid, so I’m not concerned too much with that) I might retest in 3 months just to know for sure, but I’m still considering it lol
  7. Oh okay, I’m in my second week now & I didn’t think it would take this long! The anxiety is killing me!! I too get weird nerve tingles in my legs, but nothing has ever been painful to me.. and nerve pain does run in my family so I’m not sure if it’s herpectic or just a coincidence I too will update with my results! good luck!
  8. I’m not sure if you already have completed the process, but I too had a low positive index (2.11 for HSV-2) and Terri told me there is more than a 50-50 chance it is false. I went through with getting the test & am now just waiting for my results. I’m curious to know if you did it & what your results were (if you don’t mind sharing of course) Hope you are well & wishing you the best!
  9. My current boyfriend has been with me through it all & does not care that I have it. He tested negative for it, but positive for HSV-1 & according to his index, has had it since he was a kid. He has been so loving & understanding through it all, really my rock. I know that whether I’m negative or positive, it won’t change anything, but I guess it’s more for my own peace of mind lol I can’t help thinking that I’ve tortured myself mentally over something that might not be true... I appreciate your kind words and advice, and I definitely agree with it 100% I hope to find out my results soon! The anxiety is KILLING ME!
  10. So I got diagnosed with HSV-2 back in October. It was an IGG with an index value of 2.11 and my doctor said for sure I was positive. At the time I knew nothing about herpes or testing and things of that nature. I do not present any symptoms, and have not had an outbreak. I have only slept with 3 people in my life, two of which I was in relationships with, and one was a one time fling. My other two relationships tested negative, and as I do not speak to the one-time fling guy, I had to assume it was he who gave it to me, which would mean I had it for about a year when I got tested. I soon learned about Terri Warren and how a lot of IGG tests for HSV-2 have high rates of false positives. I called my doctor & told him that because my index value fell between the range of reasonable suspicion (1.1-3.5) I was looking for more info about confirmatory testing. He basically told me that he is never wrong about these things & that there was no doubt that I had herpes. He even tried to discourage me from purchasing the Western Blot test (the gold standard of herpes testing), and instead wanted to send me to his “infectious disease expert”. I found the Westover Heights Clinic website & reached out to Terri on her forum explaining my situation. Terri stated that in her professional opinion she believed that there was more than a 50-50 chance that my result was a false positive, especially because I do not have any symptoms & have never had an outbreak (although I know some people do not have outbreaks for years after initial infection). So I went through with purchasing the test anyways, and am now currently awaiting the results of that test. I wanted to put my story out there in case I am one of the few that actually had a false positive, and hope to inspire others in this range to take control of their health & not allow a doctors arrogance or ego stand in the way of getting the answers you feel you deserve! I am going to keep this post updated
  11. Hi, I got diagnosed with HSV-2 in October from a blood test. My doctor didn’t tell me the antibody level, but he said that I had HSV-2 caused by HSV-2. I have only had sex with 3 people & two of them were steady partners, one of which we lost or virginities to each other. One of the 3 was a fling and so I assumed it had to be from him. That would make me infected for about a year before my diagnoses. It came as a shock to me as I have never had any symptoms or reason to believe I had an STD. Even after the diagnosis I have not had an outbreak or any symptoms consistent with genital herpes. I am not sure if this is because I am lucky enough to be asymptomatic, or if I really do not have the virus & was falsely diagnosed. My current boyfriend whom I’ve been with for almost 2 years now has also not had any symptoms (we have had unprotected sex so I assumed if I am infected he might be aswell) While I know that this virus affects people differently, I find it strange that we both have the virus but neither of us have had any type of symptom or sign that can definitely prove we have it. It has now been 7 months since my original diagnosis and I am waiting to get in contact with my doctor to ask him about my antibody levels & depending on that answer, ask for further testing. I am not even sure what type of test he ran because when he told me I was infected, he did not tell me any of that information. At the time I could not even think of asking all those questions because I knew nothing about this virus & was honestly in too much shock to even speak up. If I do have it, then I guess it is possible for someone to have the virus but never experience symptoms or an outbreak.
  12. Hi, thanks for your opinion! I have definitely already read up on the Western Blot & I am just waiting to see my doctor so that I can discuss it with him as well. My boyfriend is super understanding & he definitely agrees that it is possible that my result is a false positive. But we have also discussed the possibility that it comes out positive again, and we are both at peace with that. Thank you again, & I will keep this post updated with my journey
  13. Hello everyone.. I was diagnosed with HSV2 back in October from a standard STD test given to me by my regular physician, and I am still struggling with how to deal with it. By the time I found out I had been with my steady boyfriend for a year already (who was clean of all diseases when we met & I thought I was clean as well) I had slept with one person in between my last relationship & my current boyfriend. I had used protection, but I am certain that he had to be the person who gave it to me, somehow. When I created a timeline I realized I had to have had the virus for at least a year before learning my positive status. It has taken a toll on both me and my boyfriend, but he has been very supportive and has not placed any blame on me, yet I still feel guilty. After finding out my status I did some research and found out that the CDC does not recommend for herpes blood tests as they often prove to be unreliable and false positives can lead to mental & emotional stress on the individual (as it is doing to me) Every time I feel a slight tingle in my vagina I swear it’s an outbreak & begin to panic (but it never happens) I also think it is important to mention that my boyfriend got his blood tested but his doctor never called with the results because he said “no news will be good news” Is it possible that my test is wrong? How would I go about getting a more accurate test done so that I can know for sure?
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