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  1. Has anyone had lesions and gotten them swabbed and it comes back negative for HSV1 and HSV2? Doctor said visually it looked like HSV but I haven’t had another outbreak since the first one (2 years ago) and when they did swab the lesion it came back negative for both? trying to navigate if this is normal...doctors keep saying blood tests are unreliable and just assume I have it?
  2. Wow I thought I was the only one. since my GHSV diagnosis (1 year ago) I had intensely painful orgasms for about 6 months....now they’re getting better but still have a sense of sharp pain at the end of the orgasm....which is better than it was a year ago, where the entire orgasm was one long sharp pain.
  3. Just wanted to circle back here to update: it’s been exactly 1 year since my first (and only so far) outbreak. my daily constant prodome symptoms have died down a lot!!! it used to hurt to walk for the first 6 months and then gradually it got better. now it’s like a mild irritation some days but nothing like it was before. I think the more time that goes by, hopefully the better it will be!
  4. @lil devy I totally understand how frustrating that is. please let me know how the appointment goes!! Hang in there!!
  5. @lil devy never did the MRI, insurance declined it. ive been going to pelvic floor therapy for about 3 months. Last week I felt a weird release and my hip pain level went from 6 to about a 2 which is a huge improvement. we are focusing on my psoas muscle because that seems to be very tight on my right side (where I feel the pelvic and hip pain). hoping it’ll help if I can strength and relax my psoas muscle! We’ll see...always searching for answers. how are you feeling????
  6. Genitally, my daily prodrome symptoms calmed down A LOT by month 9-10 (haven’t had a second outbreak yet). I still have weird tingles randomly and vagina irritation randomly but nothing like in the beginning months....I literally felt like I had tears and burning daily for 6 months (hurt to walk) and then slowly started to calm down...not completely gone by month 10 but a lot better than before. I didn’t see an end in sight. Now I have weird nerve pain in my lower abdomen and hip but it might be from tensing up my pelvis from being in so much pain for months
  7. @lil devy I really think for some people it takes months for things to feel normal down there...I’ve been swabbed for BV and yeast and trich multiple times since my diagnosis 10 months ago. Everything else is normal. I’m keeping hope that things feel better after the 1 year mark...I’ll wait longer if I need to but I really don’t see this lasting forever. My genital symptoms were MUCH worse during the first 6 months. Some days it would feel like intense burning or cuts. It hurt to walk sometimes (with no outbreaks)....if I compare myself to how it was during the first 6 months...it’s so mu
  8. @lil devy honestly, my vagina feels better lately. It’s taken months....however, I’ve had daily pelvic pain for about 4 months now and the last 3 times I orgasmed, it hurt a lot like shooting electrical currents instead of feeling good. I’m too scared to try to orgasm again...I’m hoping that will go away too after some time.
  9. Hey! Just wanted to let you know, I had genital prodrome symptoms daily for the first 7-8 months after having my initial outbreak (with no second outbreak yet). it’s seem to gone away genitally for the most part now but traveled up to my lower abdomen and hip.
  10. @lil devy the contrast dye is an IV and I heard you’re right that it makes your pelvic area warm almost like you peed yourself and then you have to drink a lot of water after to flush it out of your system. I’ve never had an IV (not good with needles) and I’m scared I’m allergic to contrast dye but I’ve never had it so it’s all in my head lol. They don’t think it’s a hernia really but they want to rule it out because of where my pain is so we’ll see!
  11. @lil devy not yet. I really feel like it’s nerve pain. My gyno is ordering an MRI with contrast dye to rule out a hernia because of the location of my pain even though she doesn’t see or feel one. Very nervous because I’ve never had an MRI or contrast dye before!!
  12. @BonBon HSV1 can be genitally too, I got it after my boyfriend performed oral on me. It tends to be “less severe” than genital HSV2 because HSV1 favors the mouth but it’s been horrible nerve pain for me rather than frequent outbreaks. i really hope this all calms down eventually, it’s really impacting my life in every sense. and yes mine totally flares up way more when I’m stressed!!!
  13. @BonBon I’ve only had one outbreak internally (vaginally) that was 9 months ago and they swabbed it and it came back negative for HSV2 so I’m assuming it’s HSV1. i took valtrex when I had the sores and they went away quickly. but since then I’ve had the pain. I’m hoping to get a blood test for HSV1 in two weeks. But I heard blood tests can be unreliable. i haven’t had an outbreak since...doctor said visually it looks like herpes and I had flu-like symptoms the day before the outbreak, so I’m assuming it’s herpes too because I don’t know what else causes sores like that.
  14. @BonBon my pain started in my vagina, felt like sharp pain, almost like a tear...burning, tingling, itchy....after 6 months the feelings spread to my lower abdomen/right hip. feels like random stabbing, pulled muscle, ramping, sometimes burning. It’s really weird. when I started having painful orgasms 4 months ago, everything felt fine until the moment of orgasm and then instead of pleasure it felt like a sharp shooting electrical current to my lower abdomen on the right side. ultrasound showed nothing
  15. I can relate to a lot of your story....I had my first genital outbreak after getting a trans vaginal ultrasound. I also have been in a committed relationship for the past 8 years. At first I totally blamed the ultrasound wand and thought they hadn’t cleaned it or something....I know how shocking it can be.. I guess the western blot test is the best way to know for certain via blood test if you are positive or negative. the shared laundry machine wouldn’t have done anything because the virus would die in the wash. im sorry you’re going through this. I know ho
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