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  1. Is anyone’s vagina not the same since their first HSV outbreak? i had daily prodome symptoms for the first 6 months and then they went away for a bit and now they have been back daily.....my first outbreak was 9 months ago and I haven’t had a second one yet... it constantly feels like I have BV or yeast infection but I’ve been tested for both and I don’t have them... this has been daily since my outbreak so I’m guessing it’s nerves....did anyone’s nerve pain go away on it’s own eventually?
  2. I don’t know much but all the things you mentioned above sounds stress-inducing. I think any big change can can be challenging and also change of personal schedule and the energy of the world right now... ive started meditating and drinking lemon balm tea which is supposed to help with the nervous system and has anti-viral properties.
  3. Thank you so much for responding. Doctors seem to think it’s not related to HSV at all and that it’s tight pelvic floor muscles but I never had this problem until HSV....I’m hoping it goes away after the 1 year mark because sex is not an option at all when I have this daily nerve pain....
  4. I had my first GHSV outbreak about 9 months ago...haven’t had another since...for the first 6 months I had constant prodrome symptoms..tingling/burning/itching in my vagina but that went away around the 6 month mark... once that went away I suddenly started having weird pain in my lower abdomen..pelvic area...and right hip...this has been going on for about 4 months now.. is this normal or has anyone else experienced that? I had an ultrasound and there’s nothing show up on that...I’m wondering if it’s HSV related? I heard it takes some time for your body to adjust and it affects nerves...it feels like muscle/nerve pain...
  5. Hey! Blood tests can be very unreliable! im not saying you don’t have HSV at all but, blood tests can produce a lot of false-positives or false-negatives. it could be that you have HSV in a different part of your body than your vagina! a lot of people have it and don’t even realize it at all! hang in there!!!
  6. Also, sorry just re-read your post. i did not feel the need to notify ex partners because I’m fairly certain I got it recently from oral sex. i think it’s fairly uncommon to pass it to another part of your body once you build up antibodies to the virus (6 months to a year) And it made me feel a lot better to learn that you transmit with skin to skin contact (it favors mucus membranes) only when you are shedding or have an outbreak (shedding is more frequent during first year) and you cannot pass it through sharing towels or toilet seats. doctors also have not been any help to me at all and seem to not know much about the virus. this message board is where I get most of my information on it!!
  7. Hey! i don’t know how much help I can be because I was semi recently diagnosed too. How did they diagnose you? Did you have an outbreak or did they randomly do an sti blood test? im not sure how I got it or how long I’ve had it either. I’ve been with the same guy for 7 years (neither of us have cheated) and then suddenly I had my first outbreak in Nov 2019 and not another one since. it is possible it could lay dormant for a while is what I heard....or maybe my boyfriend had asymptomatic oral hsv1 and gave it to me genitally? I really don’t know how I got it and I probably never will. my boyfriend also does not think it’s a big deal at all, however it was pretty earth shattering to me when I was diagnosed because I didn’t realize I could get it so easily and in a committed relationship when both of us were told we had no sti’s (come to find out after that usually they don’t test for herpes in standard sti panels). I don’t know if they automatically test for it when you’re pregnant...I would assume they do because usually doctors will want to do a c section if you’re having an outbreak but I’m not 100% sure if they automatically test for it when your pregnant. for me, I’ve only had one outbreak so far (it’s been almost 9 months) and i got flu-like symptoms (intense body ache) and then I felt almost like a tingle/scratch in my vagina....almost like a cut or piece of stand was there...and then the next day I could barely walk bc the pain. I went to the doctor and they found ulcers inside of me and diagnosed me with GHSV and gave me valtrex and that made it go away quickly. i heard the first outbreak is the worst and it usually takes up to 6 months to 1 year for your body to become used to the virus and then I think outbreaks are less severe and frequent. i really am just learning out this virus myself but just wanted you to know you’re not alone in this!!!
  8. Did anyone ever find out the source of their ovarian pain? i also was diagnosed with BV and then GHSV within the same time frame and it’s been about 8 months since my first and only outbreak and my ovaries hurt...the pain is localized on the right side of my body. Ultrasound showed nothing there (no cysts or fibroids). wondering if anyone found the source of this pain for them? thank you!
  9. Thank you for your response!!! It’s so strange to me how some people get daily nerve pain and others do not. all the doctors I’ve spoken to don’t really think it’s related to HSV but I didn’t have any of these symptoms before my initial outbreak.
  10. Hi there! just wondering if this ever got better for anyone? been having weird nerve, dull pain since initial outbreak in November 2019 but no second outbreak yet. thank you!
  11. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing....I too have had weird nerve pain since my initial outbreak in August 2019....also started having really painful orgasms in March 2020...getting an ultrasound done tomorrow to see if there’s a unrelated HSV cause (cyst or fibroid)....no doctors seem to know much about it (I’ve gone to 4 doctors). The nerve pain started in my genital region and then 6 months later traveled to my lower abdomen. just wanted to see, since this post is older, if anyone’s nerve pain got better over time? Thank you!!
  12. @Shelz thank you for the response! I take a probiotic daily and have had a Pap done recently and they said I don’t have yeast or BV. but I have noticed that when I’m on my period, the tingling is less. I think maybe the GHSV1 made my vagina lubricate less in general and maybe that’s causing the daily irritation? i just hit the 6 months mark since my diagnosis and the tingling has definitely gone down a lot and I haven’t had an outbreak since my initial one. i am meeting with a new gyno soon who specializes in holistic medicines so I’m interested to see her take on the HSV virus!
  13. @glasgowgirl I saw you mentioned in your post that you tried coming off birth control to see if that helped with HSV at all....wondering if that helped at all with the tingling and outbreaks?
  14. Thank you @Missmissy for your suggestion! I am going to look for the stress b complex! i was also thinking about maybe going off my birth control? I notice the tingling sort of dies down more during my period and wonder if my birth control is affecting my hormones and maybe attributing to vaginal dryness and irritation more now than I have HSV. kind of hard to talk to my doctor right now due to the virus and appointments being cancelled!
  15. Thank you for the advice. I will try the magnesium. The daily tingling has started to slowly go down over the past 6 months but still not completely gone. Still scared to have sex for the first time since my first outbreak....it’s so strange how some people only get tingling right before an outbreak but others get it daily after initial outbreak... I wish doctors knew more about this virus instead of dismissing my symptoms to being all in my head.
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