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  1. "I'm more worried to give this to him in his genitals than the fact that I have this to be honest. It's sorta sunk in already for me. Still have my ups and downs but usually my downs are because I don't want him to have this too" BC this stole the words out of my mouth!!! lol my partner doesn't understand. shoot no one understands. I'd rather suffer alone.
  2. wow! I love yall lol so happy I found this community. it feeds my spirit so much. thank you all :x >:D< ;)
  3. all I can really say is it will get better in time. you know what to do just listen to your heart and you begin at the beginning >:D< feel whatever you need to feel but please be kind to yourself. think positively. I recently got diagnosed on Nov. 7 so I'm new to this but I know that somethings just don't help. stress isn't good for you. I passed hsv2 to two guys so I feel the guilt but my friend had to tell me I didn't know & if I had known I wouldn't have done it. he said I'm a great person and I didn't deserve this (which I believed was my punishment) and that the guilt was gonna kill me more than the initial feelings of having hsv2. we are not giving more than what we can handle be strong and know you're not alone sunshine :x
  4. you are so welcome & I understand completely. lol right
  5. the doc only told me I have hsv2. I've nvr had a cold sore & I believed it to be herpes ob at first until I seen it and it wasn't a bump then I just read a post and it said that some ppl get sores that look like the grand canyon & that's how his sore looks. still waiting for results tho
  6. omg I love you! lol your awesome & so fearless! congratulations sweetheart :x
  7. exactly how I feel. alot of UPS & down. it's tiring. I found out on the 7th but I had lil feelings before what it was.
  8. right!! you said what I was thinking lol just 2 million times better. when I told the guy I really like (who we believe has it and is going to the doc very soon) abt it, like I said before was over text and in a way I felt like he thought I wasn't that effected by what transpired but the next day we had a face to face and he seen how I really felt abt what happened and in the end was comforting me. it was beautiful and scary and needed in healing.
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