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  1. I disclosed, he was fine with it at the time but then ghosted me. I think I'm better with being ghosted now than I ever was, which seems bizarre but I feel that I deserve better than that regardless.
  2. Sorry I have just seen this. My prodrome symptoms aren't as constant as they once were but I still get them daily. Im sorry to hear about your pain. Have you been to the clinic? Are you taking lysine, vitamins etc?
  3. Hi, Ive had herpes for 6 years, 5 years were prodrome symptoms and I didn't know I actually had herpes until I had an outbreak last year, so for the past 6 years I have been to all sorts of different doctors to get to the bottom of it. Its not the best condition to have but at least now I know what it is I can treat it and Im not putting people through what I went through which unfortunately I may have in the 5 years I didn't know. I think my body dealt with it being hidden, so I had prodrome symptoms as and when I was stressed or other stuff but my body now has to deal with the actual
  4. They definitely seem to say not to worry a lot of the time. My local clinic know that I am not going anywhere and I will keep going until I am satisfied, so they are trying to help me more now as I have been trying to get to the bottom of this for 6 years, 5 of which was just prodrome symptoms so there was no chance of finding out until I had an outbreak. It's so difficult when you feel like you're not being taken seriously but I think most of that is because they don't know anything about it, I can remember going in with a list of questions and speaking to a nurse/healthcare assistant and b
  5. Hi, I am in the same positions as you and feel exactly the same. I was constantly getting prodrome symptoms even when on my medication which made me make the decision that I would stop taking it, which gave me an outbreak and probably the worst one since my first one. I am also from the UK and I know exactly what you mean about the clinic staff. Im on first name basis with some of them because I am constantly on the phone to them, trying to get on top of it but they don't seem to know much about the condition and gave me a lot of leaflets to read over but they have just given me more
  6. My daily symptoms are starting to get better, slowly but surely. I know exactly how you feel, it's been like that for me too. Before I had my first OB in August last year, Before that I actually had symptoms on and off for around 6 years (until I finally found out it was HSV2 when I had my OB) it was worse at the beginning for me both times. First one was, Im assuming when I got infected lasted around a year, as we had no idea what to treat. I have a bit of a daily regime now (if you can call it that) which I am working on. I try hard to eat as well as possible, I have found that if
  7. I was the same, I had my first ob in August and since then I had the same problem, I am currently on the medication, which is helping a bit but I am still getting mild symptoms. I've felt like this, like there was no help, nothing that can be done but it does get better. The months after my first ob, I couldn't sleep for the constant itching, I was red and I was swollen I literally couldn't concentrate on anything, this was until February, I was given aciclover, bv treatment, hydrocortisone cream and advised to take antihistamines and used a fragrance free moisturiser if needed. Not sure if
  8. Hi all, So happy that I found this website. I am from the UK, so there isn't too much like this over there, this subject seems quite taboo and from my experience a lot of the practitioners within the sexual health occupation don't know a lot about them as I have been shoved everywhere for the last 6 years but that is another story. Any way my question is I started taking suppressive medication as I was having constant prodrome symptoms for the past 6 months, it does seem to have stopped them, I am also doing the usual other stuff that we have all become accustomed to vitamins, co
  9. Yes for the itching, I think to help ease it as it can be really bad at times.
  10. I was diagnosed with hsv 2 in August last year and I have also had daily symptoms. It really gets me down and I have been on speed dial to my local clinic in the hope that they will help. I have to say I've been made to feel like I'm over reacting that was until my last appointment I went got a swab taken I had bv but most importantly I was listened to. She gave me treatment for my bv, for my herpes but also advised me to take antihistamines which i have just started taking in the hope that they will help I am on day 4 and they seem to help ease them. I hope that it is my body getting used
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