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  1. Thanks for the kind words. No they didn't do a swab test just a visual confirmation, he told me it was hsv 1 or more commonly known as cold sores. Having had to get medication 5 times in the last 3 months or so has helped a little bit, but I'm not one for taking medication and I'm sure there are long term effects for taking Valtrex thst could harm me so I don't want to be taking it but it's impossible to not take it when you're having 5 or 6 out breaks in a 3 MOnth span
  2. Doctor told me I had a cold sore on my face thst it was herpes simplex virus, this was about 3 months ago and have since had several outbreaks and have been treating it with Valtrex. This has caused me extensive mental stress and feelings of things being over, so many feelings rushing over me, stressed about telling loved ones, being seen with a cold sore on my lip, it's alot to take on, question is, how do yall deal with that feeling?? How do you come back from this..
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