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  1. Hi all, last year I found I had papilloma virus (HPV) when finding a warth on my genitals which was removed sucessfully but on January this year I felt a bump in my private parts every time I seated, didn't itch or burn or tingle just felt it there. I went to my OB/GYN and before taking a look she asked me if I ever had a herpes type 2 test before, never had one before so didn't know why she was mentioning and didn't know too much about it before that. She took a look and said it was a warth right in my hymen scar and did the same she did with the warth before that, she put some acid and removed it. I felt the normal pain and went back to work, two days later I had to go to ER with fever, dark color urine and almost unable to move my neck. ER doctor run some urine tests and determine it was a urine infection and gave me antibiotics, after that I started to feel right but I had weird sensations in my vagina, like itching, stretching, some nerve pain behind my legs and also I didn't feel when I had to pee so I had to go every number of hours to the bathroom to make sure I was empting my bladder. The reason why I'm telling you all these is because I googled and I found these symptoms where also shared with genital herpes. I had zoster herpes when I was 19 so I can recognize the pain, discomfort and blisters but never saw those on my genitals. I went to the doctor a week after and I told her all my ordeal in ER and my symptoms and she told me that urine infection caused me all those and then looked at my vagina and said that there were no more warths and everything was fine. Despite all that, the idea of having not only Papilloma virus but also herpes didn't leave my mind for the last couple of months and now with the COVID pandemic thing I knew going to the doctor or having tests was more difficult. But last week I found a lab that could come and take a blood sample to your house, so I called them and they had an std check package that included HSV II (ELISA method) and a technician came and took the blood sample to my house. I got the results today and for all STD everything was negative but for Herpes I got weird or undetermined results. My results were negative for IgM but for IgG were 11.0 and according to the reference results: less than 9.0: negative, between 9.0 and 11.0: bordeline, more than 11.0: positive. As you can see my results are not positive but they are not negative either I called to my OB/GYN office and I will go to an appointment on Monday (taking all measurements to avoid COVID of course) to see if I can get a new test but in the meantime what should I tell the guy I'm dating? I will have to call him but don't know what to say, we have had a weird relationship and I don't know what to say and, should I tell him what is going on? I was thinking on telling him what is going on in case the new test comes positive but I don't know what to do, any advice?
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