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  1. No comments for me. Thats not very helpful! lol Look forward to anyone's advice
  2. Get a swab test or blood test to confirm you actually have Herpes in the first place. There are other oral sores such as canker sores. Oral Herpes is very very common. Not something to want to kill yourself over. It will get better
  3. Just had a HSV blood test. Results confusing and dont make sense. I requested my Doctor run a STD panel during my annual physical. My test for HSV came back as Herpes I Ab.(IgG) 0.17 (Negative) Herpes II Ab.(IgG) 4.08 (High) I was very surprised by the results. I have never had a genital outbreak that was obvious. I do get what I guess would be cold sores inside my mouth on very rare occurrences. Maybe once a year at most. My wife get cold sores inside mouth more frequently then I do but nothing in the genital area as well. So the results are the reverse of what I would assume. I would assume positive of HSV1 and negative for HSV 2. So i guess the way to interrupt this would be I have HSV 2 infection in the oral area and not in the genital region? Very upsetting to say the least. Really dont want to imagine I have HSV 2 on genital. Wish my Doctor would not have run the HSV test actually. Would have been better off not knowing mentally I think. Does anyone know the percentage of people who have HSV 2 that are asymptomatic? With HSV 2 can you be asymptomatic in genital regions and have symptoms in oral region on rare occasion as I do? So what are the chances of a false positive with these numbers? Anyway thanks for help and look forward to your advice.
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