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  1. I’m not sure if this is a dumb question or not so I apologize if it is lol but for some background, before I had my really bad initial outbreak in April of this year which caused me to get diagnosed with hsv2, I would get little cuts on my vulva after sex. I had actually gone to the dr one time about a year ago because I had what looked like tears on my perineum (which I get every time I have sex and that’s happened for over a year now) and the dr said I just needed to use lubrication and nothing was wrong. I also would get long ulcers that looked like cuts in the creases of my vulva and lips
  2. I had my first outbreak April 1st of this year and it was horrible, literally the worst pain of my life. And due to covid I didn’t want to go to the doctor, I thought I just had a really bad yeast infection and I had cut myself by scratching in my sleep until it got really bad. So I went to the doctor on day 5 of my outbreak and got put on valtrex and it took me almost 4 weeks to feel better and I was fine for a day or two and now I have another outbreak. Although this one is basically painless, just itchy, I’m feeling horrible about myself. I feel like it’s completely my fault and I shouldn’t
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