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  1. Right, if you have the pain or tingling, the virus is active and more contagious. When I had the prodrome sensation my partner also acquired HSV, appromixately a year later. This was after all the doctors telling me I'm HSV negative because no shown antibodies...smh
  2. Hi Fonda - Yes, rest assured the pain went away. However, it took about 2-3 months. Occasionally the pain will reoccur but only a 1/10th of the severity. Still no outbreak though after nearly four years. Hang in there!
  3. Oh, I've definitely read up on it. Yes I believe it was passed. The doctor has not done any eye swab. Actually I had a dendrite around my cornea that was removed via debridement. However they did not send the culture in for testing... This is a major opthamology office serving a large community. It's as if they refuse to acknowledge HSV for their own benefit. I suspect there isn't any visual cues because the continual antivirals. I'm lost and don't want to lose more eyesight...
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I need some guidance on ocular herpes. Approximately 2 months ago I came in contact with HSV1 via unprotected sex. One month into my exposure I believe I passed it to my face. I've had symptoms of burning/tingling lips and muscle tingles along face. I would also seldom get headaches along my temples. During them experience my eyes would ache. One week ago I started to exerience tingling on left side of face. The sensation went from lips to around eye. After one night of extreme eye pain I woke up and my opposite (right) eye felt awkward/dull. When trying to review the alarm clock everything was blurry. It's been constant the last two days. I've been following up with local opthamolgist regularly. As of this week my vision dropped in right eye -0.75. The response has been consistent "chronic dry eyes no visible sign of herpes". I've been on antivirals fairly consistent the last two months. Also I have topical antiviral (Zirgan) for eyes. Yes, I've always had dry eyes. I had LASIK three years ago. However this is an obvious change! The opthamolgist is pretty much fed up and has only suggested glasses. What professional recommendations does anyone have regarding proper care?
  5. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your feedback. I work in an office all day so it's hard not to be observant when your ass and legs ache all day. I never experienced the tingly, itch or pain either. Are you on regular dosage of suppressive antivirals? Have you found that one medication works better than others?
  6. Hi Lucky, is this your first exposure as well? Yes, it's good to know other people are also experiencing the same situation. To be honest I'd rather have the outbreak then constant pain. I've been taking 1000mg lysine 3x daily which might offer some relief. There has been maybe 2-3 days when the pain diminishes, but then it picks right back up!
  7. Thanks for your encouragement and support. Is there any hope the discomfort will subside? I've taken full prescriptions of valtrex. I've also started taking supplements and of course watch diet and rest. It's been nearly a month and a half!
  8. I've had constant lower back, buttock, and leg pain the past 5 weeks. It hurts to sit and the pain gets worse by evening. Occasional my penis will feel sore and irritated. Slight redness. There is no physical outbreak. It seems the pain travels gradually. The pain began two weeks after initial encounter. It started with a pain felt inside penis. Question - Are these possible recurrent symptoms but no outbreak? Or one long prodrome phase? What is the likelihood of onset neuropathy issues with herpes? Is there a concern regarding nerve damage? Should I continue antivirals? Anyone else have experience with this?
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