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  1. Hi Everyone, i recently have been talking to someone, we kind of stopped talking and started back up. I made it a point that i want to get to know him and eventually try to date. I have been weary of dating, especially since i will have to tell him if we get further down the road. Before I do that, i want to take the time for him to really get to know me before disclosing. If anyone has any advice, i would appreciate it. i also wanted to know about the risk of transmission of spreading it for someone like me, who is a little over a year i and i am pretty much asymptomatic. Only time i have a issue is when my time of the month comes or I’m a little stressed. I have never seen any physical bumps at all, i just get irritated in that area and eventually it chills out. I do not take my valtrex daily because it does not bother me like that on a daily basis so far. I am very thankful for that. I will obviously be using condoms but i guess my other question is if i ever had unprotected sex, how big is the risk? I know there is always going to be one, i just didn’t know if anyone had any insight for percentages. I know when/if i do have this conversation with him, he will ask questions. Which will be understandable and if he does say no... least i can say i tried, right? thank you!
  2. Thank you so much! It is so comforting to know i am not alone :)
  3. Is anyone else weary of dating or is it just me? I feel like I just want to stay to myself and not try. I still have to get through the self-acceptance phase first before even trying to date. Dating in general is hard but I feel like HSV 2 makes it so much harder :(.
  4. Thank you so much! :) this helps a lot! I appreciate it
  5. It’ll be a year next week since my diagnosis. I am still struggling with accepting it and accepting myself. I’ve been rejected a few times but I always make it a point to say something if i feel like a situation is going to go the physical route. It rarely bothers me physically, just emotionally is a mind fuck. I recently have been talking to someone new, I’m not sure if it is going to head anywhere. Due to covid nobody can see anyone physically right now anyways. I just worry if i establish a deeper connection with him, eventually i have to have the conversation. I’m learning to not do it too early because i do want him to get to know me outside of physically things. I read a lot about having to be confident when you disclose but i am still struggling with that. I have even had my diagnosis thrown in my face, been degraded by someone i disclosed to. It’s not that I’m not ready to date, i think it’s just getting over it emotionally and trying to stop rejecting myself so much. It’s hard. I figured I’d be okay with it by now but.. it’s hard to come to terms. I just need to vent.
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