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  1. Thank you so much for replying. This does cause me a bit of heartache because I feel that unprotected sex is now off the table. Without knowing when I'm shedding, there will be a chance I can pass this on to a partner. How do you have a healthy sex life with someone, enjoy unprotected sex, and not pass this on to them?
  2. Has anyone experienced a false positive result here? I tested positive for IgG HSV2 at a ratio of 1.48. I've been doing some homework and this ratio is very low. Do you suggest I get retested to insure this wasn't a false positive?
  3. Hi xiscaioss, my doctor told me the same thing. When I was first diagnosed, I was with a partner right before my first outbreak. When I went to get a second opinion and ask questions to a doctor, he told me that I can't pass it along if I'm not showing symptoms and because my partner's immune system is strong, he would be OK. My partner was tested and his results were negative. I've done some research on shedding and I am unable to find anything that says how we can tell when we are shedding. I've also found conflicting information about this so I'm still unsure. Please keep me posted if you find anything as well.
  4. Hi everyone! I was just diagnosed with HSV2 two months ago and I'm still doing research to help prevent spreading to future partners. I read that it can not be transmitted if you don't have an outbreak but now I'm reading that there is still a possibility if the person with HSV is 'shedding.' I understand the concept of shedding after an outbreak but I'm not finding much information as to when I'm shedding without an outbreak or what symptoms I should look out for. If there are no symptoms, this concerns me with not protecting my future partners or enjoying play/unprotected sex without the risk of infecting someone else. (It's hard enough now having to have a disclosure conversation before making love.) I'm hearing stories of people having happy lives with their partners and having families (both of which I'm aiming for) but I'm confused as to how you make sure to keep your partner from getting infected. Any advice or credible information is SO appreciated.
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