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  1. Feeling lonely; I’m on Cape Cod- anyone else from around here?
  2. Does anyone want to be friends? I’m 27 & a female. I’ve had it for about 6 months and I feel really alone. I haven’t told many people close to me and I’ve given up dating, not that I ever had many dates anyways. Private message me and we can be friends on Snapchat if you want! Where the chats can disappear and it feels more anonymous than public following / friending? I’m in MA.
  3. Hi All, I slept with a friend who had joined the military. He was deployed and came back. We slept together and I got herpes. I don’t know yet if he knows he has it. Does anyone have experience with the military / veterans and herpes?
  4. Hi All, I know exactly who gave me GH; I come from a small local community and (I know I sound awful) but I don't want to tell him because that will admit to the community that I have it. I've heard my friends call those type of people "dirty girls" so much and it kills me that they're talking about me and don't even know. I read online about a website where you can enter in the guy's phone number and he'll receive an anonymous notification. Has anyone done this? I want him to be aware so he can prevent spreading it to other girls, but I don't want him to try to turn to it around and say
  5. I am 27 & just found out I have it. I’m devastated. I live on cape cod; I would like a buddy
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