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  1. Hello, just curious if anyone has noticed any correlation from their experience or others between diet and severity of herpes outbreak. For example if you are vegan or vegetarian do you experience less outbreaks or less severe than individuals that eat meat or did you transition and notice a difference? I am pescatarian, I eat fish maybe twice or 3 times a week. It’s been 6 months since I’ve been diagnosed with genital and oral hsv1 I have never had a visible outbreak just lip tingles/burning and itching down below. Is it too early for me to speak of could this be because of my diet?
  2. Thank you for your reply! what do you mean by transmission rate? I have really strong negative feelings for the guy who gave me herpes too because he knew he had it! And it wasn’t even worth it; never had sex or were in a relationship. I think I could stand it just alittle more if it was WORTH it dammit. I took the meds when I first was diagnosed because I was terrified of having sores on my lip for everyone to see I am still paranoid I wake up every morning with a flashlight and mirror to check my mouth and lips it’s terrible 😞 I just want the visible outbreaks to stay away. I went ahead and ordered some vitamin b complex , magnesium with zinc and oil of oregano capsules. Going to try different things until I find what works. I think I will leave the meds alone unless absolutely nothing works.
  3. SKIP to questions if you don’t want to read background : Hi I was diagnosed with herpes in December 2019, I got the virus from kissing a guy who didn’t disclose his status to me but thinking back I know that he knew because he would always take some medication randomly, like he would jump up to run get them but never showed me so I guess that was him experiencing Prodrome symptoms and attempting to catch it Before the cold sore erupts. I still have not confronted him about what he did to me I’m so angry, we work together and he still acts like everything is ok flirting with me etc. anyway I came down with mild flu symptoms while on vacation in December , body aches, low fever, tired But just for 2 days and a few days later my lips started tingling. I googled and herpes immediately came up I was scared shitless. I waited and waited and waited but never got a cold sore. I also experience itching down below but never a sore I went to my doctor who checked my lip and mouth and said it can’t be herpes if there is no sore but she swabbed my lip anyway and a few days later she called to confirm hsv1. I felt my world shatter I kept trying to wake up from this nightmare. Of course it’s not so horrible having this virus but I would prefer not to have it. My outbreak seemed to have been lip tingles which lasted weeks and I have a few painless lesions in my mouth inside my cheeks and lips like small paper cuts that didn’t hurt, I also had bad headaches almost everyday. fast forward I think I am having another outbreak but again no sore and I am waiting for one to pop up. I have the headaches, itch down below, lesions all in mouth , lip tingles . I also see tiny bumps around the border of my lip barely noticeable but I have discomfort such as burning and tingling There QUESTIONS 1. is this typical for an outbreak in the beginning ? Will I ever get cold sores ? (I’ve only gotten sores inside my mouth) Does anyone only experience tingles as an outbreak? 2. the tiny bumps forming around my lip are they permanent has anyone experienced this? 3. Am I still contagious after the sores in my mouth are gone but my lip still tingles ? (Current situation) . I don’t want to pass this to my partner Even If you cannot relate to this please share your experience with oral hsv1 I feel so alone and don’t know what to expect I’m currently taking 3000mg of L-lysine 3 times a day during this outbreak and I normally take 3000mg once a day to prevent. I have valacyclovir that I take for 5 days during outbreak I don’t want to get suppressive therapy until I learn this virus and how it affects me. i take vitamin c, probiotics, vitamin d3, vitamin b6 as well. I’m also pescatarian only eat fish occasionally. No meats I use herpecin lip balm and also abreeva on my lips when I think I am having an outbreak but I’m not really sure if I am please any input would be appreciated
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