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  1. I have just had a look at some other posts about using tea tree oil and epsom salts to help the healing process, I'm going to give these a try and let you know how I go :) really hope it helps! *fingers crossed*
  2. I've made an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to talk about daily medication. I started this second outbreak almost 3 weeks ago and it's still here! :( I've been taking valtrex twice a day. The outbreak was only one tiny sore, which hasn't caused me any discomfort at all, but I know it's there. It hasn't got any worse but it hasn't gone away either. I was really sick with a cold last week, could that of contributed to the drawn-out symptoms? I'm still taking my medication hoping this will clear up in the next few days. But can anyone recommend anything else I can do to help speed up the healing process? Any feedback would be much appreciated, this 3 week outbreak is driving me crazy :'(
  3. Hello everyone :) I was diagnosed with HSV1last november and just got my second outbreak :( I have been prescribed Valtrex to take which works wonders for me, makes the symptoms dissapear within a few days (thankfully). But I had a few questions about supressive therapy medication... If I start taking daily medication and then decide to stop will the outbreaks come straight back or become worse? Does your body still build up antibodies to fight the virus while taking supressive therapy? Also tp anyone who is on daily medication, how frequent are your outbreaks? do you get any at all? I know it vary's from person to person but I'd like some personal expereince. Thank you :)
  4. WCS - hahaha sure! he has been very supportive! I feel very lucky :)
  5. Adrial, Yeah I've read a lot about that on your website :) I've told my partner all of this and he said he wouldn't want me taking daily medication just for him. He said he loves me and wants to be with me no matter what and he accepts the risk. I would still like to go on suppressive therapy though, just to on the safe side. I'll talk to my doctor. Thanks so much :D
  6. My doctor only re commend I use Valtrex when an outbreak occurs even though I'm in a committed relationship. I'm pretty sure I started getting an outbreak yesterday morning (still getting used to all the symptoms) and I started taking my Valtrex straight away and it has pretty much cleared up today!! :D
  7. Hello everyone, I only had my first outbreak a little over a month ago and I have some questions about Valtrex. My first outbreak wasn't so bad and I healed fairly quickly. But this morning I woke up and found the possibility of another outbreak starting to occur. My doctor gave me a prescription for Valtrex if this did happen. I'm still not sure if this is an actual outbreak but I started taking the antivirals just To be safe. Anywho, my question is - How much does Valtrex reduce the duration of an outbreak? If taken early enough, can it prevent the outbreak? What are some of your experiences? Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated :D xoxo
  8. Thank you so much Adrial! Also my name is Paige, I feel comfortable enough here not to hide behind an alias anymore :) I guess there could always be a chance of being rejected in the future even without herpes, this stigma has really got a hold on me and I know I'm being silly. Seeing as this is so new to me I'm getting upset about it all the time. Whenever I ask my partner if he is truly okay with being okay with me he gets annoyed because he says he doesn't mind and still loves me, it's so hard to believe! I know it shouldn't be because i deserve love and to be in a loving relationship. And that's what I have. You're right Adrial, I have it pretty good right now and I need to realise what I have. We have talked about marriage and children and that makes me so happy to imagine the rest of my life with him. It just hard to imagine if he left me because I don't want to be with anyone else, it would crush me. I really want to tell my mum because I know she would be understanding and I could talk to her about this, I love my mum so much and could really use her support right now too! It's going to take me a while to come to terms with this, but I can overcome this. Thanks again Adrial! :)
  9. I am mostly afraid of passing this on to my boyfriend and also fear of rejection. I know he says he is okay with it, but what if he changes his mind? I couldn't stand losing him, he is my everything! What if he thinks "why am I with her when I could find someone who couldn't give me herpes". I am just so scared that he will leave and I will have no one... I don't have many friends as his friends have become mine too. And I'm scared that if he leaves I will be alone forever and no one will want me. I really want to spend the rest of my life with my current boyfriend and have a family, this whole situation has thrown me and making me question everything. I'm a mess :( Sorry for blabbering
  10. I am just getting over my first outbreak and actually just got positive results for herpes just last night. This is really hard for me :'( it's all I can think about! Although my partner is really good about this, he said that if he catches it "tough shit".. I told him that's not fair on him and I ask if I was worth it and he said "shit yeah" haha. I know I always have him to talk to but he doesn't really understand what I'm going through and I really wish I could have someone going through the same thing that I can talk to :( I can't concentrate on anything and can even cope at work, I don't know to deal with this :(
  11. Hey Optimist13, It so nice to hear other peoples stories and how they have dealt with it. I have talked with my partner and he said he hasn't had any symptoms of H before. But that would mean that I would have contracted the infection from an ex boyfriend and not known until this episode came up. Also my partner and I have been having unprotected sex marjority of our relationship and he still hasnt shown any symptoms, could this mean he could still have it and not had an episode? Im really am trying to be optimistic about all of this, but it is so hard.. there were a few days last week where I couldn't stop crying :( But knowing I have told my partner and he is okay with the risk has made me feel alot better. The day before the sore appreared it did feel like a cold was coming on and I did get really sick, the doctor told me it was gastro. I am really hoping this test is negative, but I have a feeling it wont be :( thanks again for your support guys, it has really helped!
  12. WCSDancer2010, Thanks for your advice! I am in Australia and have found this forum so helpful, everyone is so supportive :) I had a talk with my partner last night about my worries and he told me he will want to be with me no matter what the outcome of this test is! Hearing that has put my mind at ease, because I couldn't even imagine my life without him :( But yes, I think he should get tested as well just to be sure as I am not 100% who I got infected from, It may of been my boyfriend who infected me. Well I get the results tonight and will keep you posted. Thanks again :) xo
  13. I am so glad I found this Forum! :) I am 22 and still waiting the results of my tests for Herpes. I have been in a committed loving relationship for 6 months now and when I told him last week that I could possible have herpes he was very shocked, we both were. We have had a rough week and been dealing with this information in our own ways. But we have talked and I told him I was so concerned that he would leave me because of the stigma related to this skin condition. But non the less he told me if he didn't want to be with me becuase of this he would of told me by now, he also said "why are you getting so upset, you're not dying? I love you and plan to be with you a long time, so I'm not going anywhere". People can be so hurtful but you just to need to look at the positives in your life and keep moving forward :) Yes I am scared of passing this on to my partner and I told him there will also be a risk he could become infected, but he still remains with me, and I am so thankful. Don't feel like youre the plague and need to be seperated from everyone without herpes. You deserve to live a life that you want, and find love. That person who will accept you for who you are is out there, sometimes you have to wait for the rain to stop to see the rainbow. Hugs for everyone! :)
  14. Also forgot to mention my partner is a type 1 diabetic, so my fear and anxiety of passing it on is driving me insane! I dont want to give him another incureable disease :'(
  15. I know this can be a little personal but I would kust like to know If this is actually herpes. about 7 days ago I had sores/lesions appear in the pants area and thought it may be a H outbreak! (so my doctor thinks, haven't got test results back yet... EEEK!) but there was no pain whatsoever. No itching, no buring, no pain while urinating, only discomfort when I wiped ater the toilet. Is this normal for herpes symptoms? has anyone experienced symptoms like this and still found out it was herpes? I am so scared to get these results back tomorrow, and even more scared that my partner is going to leave me :( Any help will be much appreciated xx
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