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  1. Thanks for the response. It's really hard trying to figure stuff out when you don't have many people to talk to. I've decided to get the western blot.
  2. I found out I was positive for Hsv with the following numbers: HSV-1= 3.5/ HSV-2=1.0. I have orders a western blot to confirm results. I'm not sure if anything. My old physician diagnosed me as Hsv 2 positive and prescribed valtrex. They didn't even mention a second test. I decided on the western blot, after my own research. Let's say I am positive for hsv1. How do I explain that? I've never had any symptoms. But my mom just told me I had blisters in my throat as an infant. So I'm assuming I have hsv1. Then why are the numbers so low? I saw some posts on here that suggests that if the numbers are higher, you've had it longer. I don't know if I now need the western blot. I don't really know anything now. So I've had it my whole life? I don't know. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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