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  1. Despite wearing a condom during intercourse, I caught HSV2 around the base of my penis which was confirmed via swab a couple weeks later. This was around 12 months ago. I believe testing in Australia is a little different to the US as we only get a positive/negative result. In the first month I had several breakouts which led my Dr put me onto Famvir as a suppressive therapy. After a couple months, I started having side effects (mild dizziness, mild/moderate headaches) and I was switched to Valtrex (500mg). After a few more months, the valtrex started giving me similar symptoms and I sta
  2. Hi Shandy. I'm in Sydney. Im not sure there are many people from Australia on here.
  3. From my personal experience, it seems my outbreaks occur where I came into contact with the virus. For me its around the base of my penis where I wasnt protected by the condom.
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