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  1. Hey Lil Devy, Pad 100% give me contact dermatitis (a.k.a. Diaper Rash). YUCK, right... like I don't have enough problems with genital herpes, I know get DIAPER RASH! .. going to the pharmacy that day was a great visit.. yes, I will have a refill on my suppression meds and throw in a special blend of diaper rash cream. There are new fancy pads that are just, a torture device and probably not healthy for us at all.. and then there are the old school, simple cotton pads. My physician recommended sticking to those types. I personally don't enjoy pads, but for light days, it was just the
  2. Hey lovelife2020, The ex who gave me herpes also denied it and refused to get tested. I stayed with him for 10 months after I was diagnosed (even though I knew he was not right for me) because I thought I was ruined and no one would love me. Finally, I decided that being alone was better than being with him. I am proud of you for ending things with your ex. Something I look for in a partner (or actually, expect in a partner) is the ability to own up to - what ever it might be. Which is part of being a mature adult. It took me a long time to accept myself. Lots of trial and error. Man
  3. If it is eating away at you, maybe write a list of pros and cons of what can happen if you decide to disclose while still only talking on the phone. i know that feeling of sick feeling about keeping it from someone and that is not fun and not healthy. Please note, not disclosing is not lying, unless they specifically ask that bullshit question or ‘are you clean’ or any other version of that, and you say ‘yes’.. then that’s kind of telling a lie. But you still don’t need to tell them at that moment. It’s not their information to drag out of you. You tell them when you are comfortable.
  4. I have never used the same approach for any guy I been interested in. Some ways I have done it is: - I told them right on the dating app, before ever meeting - I told on first date - I told on 3rd date - I told via video chat before they came from out of town for our first 'date' - I have told after sleeping with them (not a proud moment, but we learn from our mistakes) Every person is different, and you will feel different with every person. It's just a matter of seeing how it feels and when it feels right for you. (I will just reiterate that I recommend to disc
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