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  1. Behcet Disease maybe? Check for it and good luck.
  2. I do have the same question. I got my first outbreak 3 months ago, but I keep feeling itchy and a weird feeling. At some point I don't know if it is the herpes, but also my paranoia and the heat. I didn't get the sores in the penis but in the pubic area, son I also don't know if the shedding will happen in the penis or just in the pubic are, for what condoms wouldn't help would they? Thank you for the great support!
  3. Thank you so much Eagle and mr_Hopp, I am still having my ups and downs, sometimes I feel misarable sometimes I feel it is not that bad. I think that doctors don't make it easier cause they don't give you accurate information and I believe opinions are divided. A question I have also and I hope sombody could answer. My first outbreak was all in the pubic area, nothing in the penis until the very end when I got just some few spots. So I was wondering if it is my pubis the one having this sheddding as well, or my penis and if so, condoms would not help at all. So just a thought that even using condoms if my pubis with the sweet get in contact with my SO vagina can she get the virus as well? I was even thinking of making a "special underware" with a whole and using it together with a condom (I don't know if you can picture the scene), and if it is what is needed in order to be safe I would not even mind, Do you think this would work? Which part of my body can really shed the virus and which part doesn't, so that I know what I can touch or not? What if for example I am having a shower and just rubbing my body with my SO? There are aso chances to infect her? I also do have doubts about the oral sex. If she does it she could get it in her mouth and throat? and even with condom if her face touches any other part not cover with the condom like my pubis, she can still get it? I apologise, I know I am asking many questions but I am trying my best the know what I can and I cannot do and what is the safest. Thank you so so so much! You can not even imagine how I do appreciate your help.
  4. Hello Eagle, I have exactly the same question. My doctor told me that if there is not outbreaks I cannot infect and also that there is no need for me to take any medications. However I have read so much about this asyntomatic shedding that I don't know anymore what to do... If you find and answer let me know.
  5. Thank you soo much mr_hopp, So who is the profesional who can help me out? Urologue or dermatologist? so even though wearing condoms through my pubis skin I can pass it into my girlfriend let's say, throw the sweating? I feel soo lost and lonely, I don't dare to tell anybody yet.. Thank you so much
  6. Hello! I have just being diagnosed with herpes. The doctor seemed very relaxed and after asking me several times, as I have made my research on the internet, he told me that using condoms will be enough in order not to tramsmit the virus and also he told me that if I have a partner, as long as I don't have any outbreaks and blister I will not infect my girlfriend. Is that true? I am terrified about transmitting her the virus, I didn't tell her yet, I don't dare, but he reasured me that chances are very low. Also I asked him about taking medications (aciclovir) and he said that it is not needed. Can I trust him? Can I still have a normla relation with my girlfriend and just avoid having sex whilst the outbreaks? Can I not use condoms for oral or vaginal sex with very low risk? Thank you very much for your answers!
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