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  1. Thank you so much for your helpful words.
  2. If anyone at all can please please give me an answer. I am sick to my stomach. I have been with someone for over two years. We have had sex constantly (almost 4-6 times a week, every week.) I slept with him (very rough sex) on Friday. he had a reddish patch above his groin which I thought was just from rough sex. On Sunday, he told me he couldn’t have sex because he had an outbreak. THIS IS HOW HE REVEALED HE HAD HERPES WITH ME AFTER TWO YEARS. The outbreak was in that red same spot. Other than realizing he is a liar and dealing with that fact, I am now coming to terms with the fact that I for sure contracted HSV-2 on Friday. I have no symptoms yet and it Tuesday but I’m preparing myself. Is there anyway I could have not gotten in? Would I have gotten it in the past two years if not Friday? He was for sure in predormal phase. Do I just wait for an outbreak? I am heartbroken and terrified. I feel so lied to and now I have to deal with something I didn’t even know I had. Please, any advice will help
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