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  1. hey I’ve written in here before but really going crazy . I got tested for STD’s after having unprotected sex with a new partner . I asked for the standard ones , and they asked if I wanted to do a blood test for HIV. I thought I was just getting tested for the standard std and hiv . I had no symptoms of anything including hsv which is why I didn’t get asked to get tested for that . My Gyno did a physical exam on me and said that I had bv but she seen no other bacteria present for anything else but obviously she’ll call if anything . Two days later I got the worst call , I was diagnosed with hsv2 . I was so confused because in order for it to be tested In your blood it had to be there for a while to build up antibodies . In January 2020 I got a procedure done and for that procedure they take your blood etc . Nobody every called me back . Between January and March I had no sexual relations with anyone . April to may I had sexual relations with someone I’ve had sexual relations with before the procedure and since then he said he had sex with one person with a condom . I believe him 100% since him I had sex with the recent partner . It was about two And a half weeks after having sex with the partner that I got diagnosed with this . Bare with me anyways after the call is when I started to feel like I had symptoms . Sometimes I would get irritated down there , sometimes a tingle would happen . But no lesions , forward there was a tiny tiny bump (just 1)in my pubic area like just below my stomach . I prepared myself for the worst after reading these forums . But in two days it went away . A couple days later I found another tiny tiny bump on my other side in my Pubic area a little lower but still In the upper pubic area not near my vagina . It went away in about a day or two . My question is are these common signs ??? Am I having an outbreak ?? Besides the tingle here and there or the itch which sometimes idk if it’s in my head or really happen ) I’m not in pain , they aren’t lasting long , it comes in one like a very small in grown hair is what it mimics , no flu like symptoms or anything that people talk about . Im So confused should I bother getting re checked at a different gyno? Are these prodome symptoms somebody please help
  2. hey guys so I was diagnosed about 9 days ago with hsv2. I’m not sure if I had it for a while all I know is I got tested for STD’s because I had started a new relationship so just wanted to check . I asked for a blood test for HIV but didn’t know I was getting checked for Hsv either . Anyways they called back confirming my blood test was positive for hsv2 , I didn’t have any symptoms before that and when the doctor checked my vagina that day she didn’t see any visible sores and said I actually looked good and that I probably just had bv. Now that they called me my mind has been going crazy , I’ve been doing research and looking at forums and thinking I’m about to have an outbreak . Every tingle every itch I go crazy thinking im having an outbreak . For a week now I get random itches I found a bump that was tiny but went away within two days . The uncomfortableness that I had has subsided and I felt fine until today . I got an itch again and went to check to see anything and nothing I see a very very very very very tiny red bump that looks like a pimple it’s verrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tiny . Only reason I noticed is because I’m looking for anything wrong right now and I used to my phone . Anyways I’ve been taking l-lysine and just used oregano oil . My question is ... was this an outbreak, can symptoms before an outbreak last more than a week? Should I get retested? Should I take medicine. Any advice will help
  3. I recently was sexually active with someone and was just getting a std check . I asked for HIV as well but I guess they also tested me for herpes.
  4. Recently I was diagnosed with hsv-2. Friday will make a week , before that I wasn’t feeling symptoms but ever since I started doing research / reading forums I feel like I’ve just been waiting for symptoms . Every itch , every tingle I get anxious feeling like I’m preparing for death Bc I’ve heard your first outbreak is THE WORST. I live with my parents and have not told them but I feel like if it comes to the point where I’m crying and can’t sit down they will know . I’m not ready to tell them . I have to do it on my own terms you know . Anyway I noticed a small bump very tiny which I assumed is herpes it has now gone away within two days . I feel slight discomfort and at times I might get a tingle for a second or an itch randomly and it goes away . My doctor said she really can’t do anything until I show symptoms ., I’m worried it will get worse should I ask for medicine before it does . I’m just so worried please help
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