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  1. @Turtle what other symptoms did you have??
  2. @Blue1982 I still have pain and I’m going to the urologist this week so I’m scared for what they’re guna tell me bc I’ve been like this since September and they been kinda shrugging me off with giving me any sort of antibiotics or anything for my pain.
  3. @Blue1982did you figure out what was wrong??
  4. @Turtle thank you I did look it up and it kinda sounds like that and I did notice it started when I was incredibly stressed out I’m seeing a urologist next week. Hopefully it’s nothing serious!
  5. @Tatianna try super b complex! And a heating pad if you have one! I take super b complex everyday after I eat dinner and honestly I notice a huge difference!! Also if you can try an Epsom salt bath I would do those when I was really achey!
  6. @jacquelynI’m having similar issues with the blood and protein in my urine along with the back pain. Have you been on any medication that’s for hsv? I also show no symptoms but have horrible nerve pain. I’m seeing a urologist later this month. Lemme know what you find out!
  7. @Blue1982 I have the same problem!!!!!! The only other thing I have is it just feels like weird down there like my vaginal opening feels just not right idk if you felt that too but I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one w these symptoms! I got diagnosed is August but started having symptoms in may.
  8. @Blue1982 are you still feeling the same symptoms? I’m wondering if it’s like what I have now 😩
  9. @MoonSun the cotton pads are a life saver I promise!!!!!! The cvs generic brand works great for me and they’re the cheapest! It’s worth a try for sure!
  10. @Ohwell still looking for friends? 29 female newly diagnosed since August!
  11. I don’t know if anyone had similar issues but I went to the doctor for what I thought was a uti, they did a urine test and a vaginal culture test and everything came back negative but they told me I had blood specks in my urine! I keep having the urgency to urinate, discharge in urine sometimes, pain in lower abdomen and pain in back. My discharge looks chunky when I pee but otherwise when I wipe I see nothing, no smell. I’m wondering if this is a symptom of hsv but I know when I first had symptoms this is how it started with thick discharge. I need answers I’m driving myself nuts!
  12. @Blue1982 I hope your not allergic to! I wish you lots of luck though! Lemme know how it goes!!🖤
  13. @Blue1982 if the contrast dye is what I’m thinking of it’s painless but you’d have to drink that nasty chalk drink water and you can’t pee til they check you which doesn’t take long. It just makes you feel like you have to pee.
  14. @Blue1982 did you ever figure out what this was? Bc I’m experiencing the same thing!
  15. No I mostly have nerve pain in my vulva. But it’s weird bc I didn’t feel this way til After my vacation. Unless the antivirals I was taking infected my kidney?
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