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  1. @Turtle what other symptoms did you have??
  2. @Blue1982 I still have pain and I’m going to the urologist this week so I’m scared for what they’re guna tell me bc I’ve been like this since September and they been kinda shrugging me off with giving me any sort of antibiotics or anything for my pain.
  3. @Blue1982did you figure out what was wrong??
  4. @Turtle thank you I did look it up and it kinda sounds like that and I did notice it started when I was incredibly stressed out I’m seeing a urologist next week. Hopefully it’s nothing serious!
  5. @Tatianna try super b complex! And a heating pad if you have one! I take super b complex everyday after I eat dinner and honestly I notice a huge difference!! Also if you can try an Epsom salt bath I would do those when I was really achey!
  6. @jacquelynI’m having similar issues with the blood and protein in my urine along with the back pain. Have you been on any medication that’s for hsv? I also show no symptoms but have horrible nerve pain. I’m seeing a urologist later this month. Lemme know what you find out!
  7. @Blue1982 I have the same problem!!!!!! The only other thing I have is it just feels like weird down there like my vaginal opening feels just not right idk if you felt that too but I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one w these symptoms! I got diagnosed is August but started having symptoms in may.
  8. @Blue1982 are you still feeling the same symptoms? I’m wondering if it’s like what I have now 😩
  9. @MoonSun the cotton pads are a life saver I promise!!!!!! The cvs generic brand works great for me and they’re the cheapest! It’s worth a try for sure!
  10. @Ohwell still looking for friends? 29 female newly diagnosed since August!
  11. I don’t know if anyone had similar issues but I went to the doctor for what I thought was a uti, they did a urine test and a vaginal culture test and everything came back negative but they told me I had blood specks in my urine! I keep having the urgency to urinate, discharge in urine sometimes, pain in lower abdomen and pain in back. My discharge looks chunky when I pee but otherwise when I wipe I see nothing, no smell. I’m wondering if this is a symptom of hsv but I know when I first had symptoms this is how it started with thick discharge. I need answers I’m driving myself nuts!
  12. @Blue1982 I hope your not allergic to! I wish you lots of luck though! Lemme know how it goes!!🖤
  13. @Blue1982 if the contrast dye is what I’m thinking of it’s painless but you’d have to drink that nasty chalk drink water and you can’t pee til they check you which doesn’t take long. It just makes you feel like you have to pee.
  14. @Blue1982 did you ever figure out what this was? Bc I’m experiencing the same thing!
  15. No I mostly have nerve pain in my vulva. But it’s weird bc I didn’t feel this way til After my vacation. Unless the antivirals I was taking infected my kidney?
  16. Idk if anyone other ladies out here noticed more bladder infections when they were diagnosed with hsv1? My husband and I were sitting in the bath tub at a hotel and we sat in there a good hour I’d say and when I came home the next day I felt like I couldn’t stop peeing!!! I don’t have pain And no weird odor or discharge from what I can see in my urethra opening but it is swollen and white looking? I also had some cramping in my lower abdomen and some back pain, felt super gassy, and whenever I poop I feel like somthing is guna fall out of my urethra. Am I crazy or has anyone else had
  17. @Little_Curly it was definitely that then my skin just seriously isn’t the same! Maybe I’ll have to try one of those diva cups and see if those work better!
  18. @Blue1982 It’s actually worse when I don’t shave like being stabbed by tiny needles lol but I’ll figure out some stuff. Thank you though I appreciate your help 🖤
  19. @Blue1982 thank you for those sites!!! I checked out safeslut and I’m guna check out the rest! I’ve started super B complex and will start Lysine this weekend ( didn’t wanna take it during work week bc of possible allergies) I think the super B complex is already helping! That or my “ outbreak” Was already calming down. Do you have any tips for shaving? There’s times where I’m fine and times where I feel awful after I shave. I tried an electric shaver but have to return it bc it wouldn’t cut any hair.
  20. I’ve been recently diagnosed with GHSV1 and never had actual lesions ( from what I can see) but I have pain in my vulva, inner labia, and beneath my vagina near my anus. Ive been taking valacyclovir For 5 days and asked to continue it bc my pad was rubbing and caused a lot of pain. So idk if it’s actually working. And idk if that is normal or what is normal. They kinda give you your test results and not really anything else but a prescription and your left feeling lost and hopeless! my questions are do you need confirmation from your doctor to take the lysine vitamin and if so what m
  21. UPDATE: I know no one replied but incase any other women are pad wearers, I tried cotton pads from cvs their brand, and they worked!!!!!! I also picked up feminine aloe wipes to use on the bumps and irritation for when I’m at work(pulled some out and put them in a ziplock bag). I used regular aloe at home whenever it felt irritation, and did a sitz bath. If you need stuff for work too for a barrier use aquaphor baby gel, you can get them in a small 2 pack. Perfect for if you put a small kit together for going out.
  22. I’m looking for a female friend to talk to around my age(29) recently diagnosed and feeling a bit lonely with the whole idea of having hvs1. So any badass girls out there needing a friend, girl I’m here!
  23. I recently was diagnosed and was put on medication, I was starting to feel better til I got to work and my pad was rubbing and i tend to get sweaty at work bc I’m in a warehouse. Now I feel sore all over again from the heat and rubbing and I can’t tell if I have razor burn bumps or the lil blisters. I was told I’m asymptomatic and I haven’t actually seen any blisters yet. Any women have tips for wearing pads and avoiding the constant rubbing???
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