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  1. I also had a paper cut like sore that I had recently swabbed a few weeks ago. Initially was diagnosed with hsv2 by sight, but the only thing that helped it was antibiotics. Swab came back for E. Coli. Sorry you are going through this!
  2. How many months after your first outbreak were you tested?
  3. Thanks for your response. I thought something similar but keep going back and forth in my head.
  4. Hello, So for those of you who read the post I made around 2 months ago I have some updates. Back in August I saw my primary doctor after itching, labia swelling, and UTI or BV like symptoms. I had no visible clusters or ulcers, just an invisible "cut" along the edge of my labia that could only be seen by pressing near it or near the swelling area. Doctor diagnosed Hsv2 by sight, prescribed valtrex (which did not work) and refused blood test or swab. After that I went to planned parenthood to get the lab order filled out for the western blot. I was examined by an NP there who
  5. Hi! Thank you for your response. Yes that sounds identical to mine. No one would be able to see the sore/cut with the naked eye and there were never any scabs, bumps, or clusters. My doctor didn't swab it when I was there, even though she only found it when I pressed on the bottom of my labia, far away from the cut causing liquid to come out. I had asked her to swab it and she said the swab and blood tests are unreliable. After taking the Valtrex she prescribed, by the 4th day I had really severe headaches (literally felt like my brain was swelling) and fatigue to the point of not b
  6. Hi Joel, I was diagnosed by sight for hsv a few weeks ago. My symptoms began in April of this year, and since they appeared my partner and I have refrained from any sex. We plan on waiting to have sex until I get results from the Western blot test, but it's being held up because my doctor refuses to order one. The last few months of waiting and no conclusive answers have been frustrating and painful for both of us, so I understand your frustration. I totally agree with you that doctors are irresponsible regarding treatment of hsv, and the more I read and interact with them its clear
  7. Hi! I'm recently diagnosed hsv2. I've been Vegan for 5 years, and was diagnosed with celiac 3 years ago so I'm also gluten free. I eat most whole food plant based, so not a lot of processed foods. I never have really gotten much of my protein from nuts (most of my protein is from tofu and dark greens) so I haven't really made any changes in my diet since diagnosed other than watching my sugar intake. Tofu is also a good source of fats along with avocados, chick peas, olives and different oils. I started taking Lysine 1000 mg 1x a day and Vitamin C 500 2x a day after diagnosed. If you eve
  8. Does anyone have a high stress job while dealing with outbreaks? I'm in graduate school and am wondering if the stress of this has caused my outbreak to last 4+ months. Any tips on destressing under constant high pressure?
  9. My bottle is Nature's Bounty brand and says to take on an empty stomach. Doesn't state what time of day so I imagine anytime is ok.
  10. Thank you so much for your response!!!! I've been feeling crazy the past 4 months not knowing what was wrong and fearing all sorts of different outcomes. I'm on day 4 of Valtrex right now and it seems the sore has semi healed but there is still itching and burning. I am definitely going to get the blood test soon, see a gyno and hopefully get a concrete answer one way or another. If you don't mind me asking would did your cut end up being?
  11. Hi, I am very recently diagnosed (doctor diagnosed by sight). I also have had a cut on the top of my inner labia but I've haf mine for about 4 months. It bleeds off and on and can only be found when bleeding.
  12. Around 4 lost 5 months ago I noticed a very tiny amount of blood (less than a papercut) on toilet paper. The bleeding continued accompanied by mild itching away from the bleeding area. The symptoms felt like bacterial vaginosis (I've had that before) so I asked my doctor for a script to take care of it. While taking the antibiotics the bleeding subsided and so did the itching. A week or so after antibiotics the same spot started bleeding again. There is no open sore, scab, crust, and the spot is invisible to the naked eye. I can only find it by pressing near it to cause it to
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