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  1. Good to know they keep creating new options! It is weird how the virus can remain latent and then just wreck lives!
  2. @ash128083 there’s got to be a hormonal link! I’ve experienced the most success on famvir without any need to up my dose around my cycle anymore. Hope we’ve both found treatments that work long term!
  3. @mr_hopp I haven’t checked with a doc since it isn’t painful or anything - just annoying. Thanks for your reassurance, hope you’re right! Have you ever heard anything about herpes infections around the eyes??
  4. @ash128083 thanks for sharing - did you ever get your B12 levels tested? For now I’ve chalked a lot of it up to underlying emotional issues relating to sexual trauma as to why my body’s response is so bad... who knows?!
  5. Wondering if mouth-genital-face transmission could be the culprit behind a mild red dotted rash around my eye. My husband performs oral sex and kisses my face... It’s not like pimples at all, small red dots, hardly raised. It’s the only thing I can think of actually and am wondering if anyone has ever used Vmagic on their face. I seem to recall hearing about eye herpes - in particular related to giving birth... I have had out of control genetical herpes for many many years which has finally been controlled with famvir and Vmagic. I’ve never had a cold sore. My husband has never had any
  6. @mr_hopp Terri Warren’s forum is amazing and helpful! I’ll be reaching out to my doctor today and most likely submitting some questions of my own to Terri. Dosing and treating without having any knowledge or care of the condition or the particular case is getting infuriating!
  7. Thank you @mr_hopp for this response and all of your helpful content on this site - I’ve gained a lot already! About a year ago I was struggling with some health issues that led me to several troubling realizations. I’ve always been healthy aside from herpes with a moderately healthy diet and activity level (I like to party a bit, was mostly pescatarian, and am active, though not a strict dieter or exerciser.) Last summer after months of depression and lethargy and some prodding and pleading with my doctor we found a serious B12 deficiency. Like, so low the first course of action was daily
  8. For a severe outbreak, or recurring outbreaks what is the highest dose that’s also safe? Is there a risk of long term antiviral consumption? I know these are questions for my doctor, but I’ve been through so many and none of them know anything about herpes. Does anyone know of a herpes specialist?!
  9. I’ve had herpes pretty much the entire time I’ve been with my husband. He had never experienced symptoms and neither had I before we moved in together and I first started exhibiting symptoms. I had a swab test on painful vaginal sores and was diagnosed. 13 years ago. We love and accept and are committed to each other. But, the risk of a herpes outbreak often makes me afraid to have sex and I know it hurts us both. My herpes has never really been managed, which I hadn’t even really recognized until recently. I hate the story that people with herpes rarely have outbreaks and their first on
  10. Yesterday I read here that some have had success treating with alum and I was so excited to see that! I have been under a lot of stress lately and am hormonal which is a recipe for disaster. I have been on an antiviral off and on for a couple weeks, solid now for four days which was when a more pronounced sore was sensed. (I get vaginal sores in a couple spots.) It was just at a dull roar the past few days and I applied alum this morning. It actually seemed like the sore moved, or popped up a little lower, which I don’t know if anyone’s had that happen, or if maybe the sore just grew, but I
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