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  1. Glad to find this thread. I posted a question about my situation yesterday prior to finding it. I got herpes 28 years ago. The woman I got it from would have really bad outbreaks, but that has never been the case for me. The few outbreaks I had were just a couple of little pimples and they would go away quickly. Over the years it happened less and less and until a couple of weeks ago I hadn't had an outbreak in at least a decade, maybe 15 years. Two weeks ago yesterday both of my legs started feeling like they weren't getting enough circulation. I had numbness, pins and needles combi
  2. I have had herpes for 28 years and until recently I hadn't had an outbreak in at least a decade. Right around the time I had an outbreak I started getting a combination of numbness, tingling and pain in my legs. Both legs equally. The bottoms of my feet are really achy. My doctor put me on zovirax and the leg pain initially went away, but now it has returned. I am on 800 mg 5 times a day and this is the 10th and last day of the course. At this point I'm not sure if what's going on with my legs is related to the herpes outbreak and I was wondering if anybody else has had a simila
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