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  1. Thank you Confused12 and 100918 for your comments. I've been needing some kind of input and feedback with these issues and your comments are helpful and give me something to reflect on. We're both operating under the assumption, not just one of us. I'm deferring to this forum and to any experts who have a better guess on whether or not she might currently be a carrier. We're both polyamorous and prior to her other partner testing positive for HSV-2 had been having sex regularly for several months. As far as I'm concerned, if her partner were on suppressive therapy, I'
  2. My partner possibly acquired GHSV-2 in late July. We've been operating under the assumption that she did acquire it, although there has been no confirmation yet. I asked her to get tested back then, but as I've read on this forum, it takes twelve to sixteen weeks before antibodies build up to a point where it's detectable by any tests, so it looks like it was wrong of me to ask that of her. That three to four month delay means moving a possible test into late October or even as far as late November. From what I've read, doctors will only prescribe suppressive therapy if repeated outbreak
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