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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you for all reaching out!! Seeing your messages really helps put things into perspective for me. I dont want to jynx it but today is the first day in 5 months that I've woken up without that tingling and itching!! I had a call with my family doctor, and went on the 3rd regiment (have tried this 2 times already over the 5 months) of 5x 1gram valtrex 1 a day for 5 days. After the 5th day I woke up today and feel no itchiness. This came after my doctor recommended I go see an infectious disease doctor to see what they say. I have an apt to go see them Thursday
  2. Today is the first day in 5 months that I've woken up without any prodrome symptoms!
  3. Im not but I was taking Valtrex right when I felt these symptoms coming on initially back in June. 1gram valtrex a day for 5 days. Thought nothing of it but now its October and I still get itchy... a lot less than before but still definitely something going on. It's upsetting because I told my GF I don't want to do anything til it stops and it's taking a toll on the relationship in little ways. I hopped back on Valtrex 1g for 5 days again in July but I gave up on it doing anything after that. Feels like my nerves are permanently affected. That's what I'm worrying about.
  4. You have had prodrome feelings/symptoms for 3 years straight?!
  5. Let me know if you ever want to chat. I can tell you about my experiences... keep hitting on the ladies! Let your friends set you up but make sure it's only going to go somewhere when you tell them about your diagnosis. Re: the girl you hooked up with, seems pretty specific for her to call out and prett6 specific for her to know the stats. I'd ask her if she's ever been tested or point blank if she has Herpes. You don't need to tell her about your diagnosis first but you should tell her after you've attempted to confirm if it's something you got from her... In the end it doesnt
  6. Hi, Your image didn't make it through with your post but I just want to say we can't tell you for sure but I'd want to say that it sounds familiar. I was swabbed and confirmed but only on my 3rd ever outbreak, not on my first. You should be able to find someone. Maybe just tell them next time that you were diagnosed and you want to know if it is HSV1 vs HSV2? That is how I got mine swabbed.
  7. Hi, I'm also diagnosed with HSV(1) genitally. I can understand where you are coming from at least from the HSV side. I was in a dark place for a while about this too but I've found someone who sees past it and loves me for me. And even before my relationship I was intimate with a lot of others (who I told beforehand) and it is what it is. Many people I went to high school with know and people around them and friends of friends but at a certain point their opinions become worthless anyways. If your friend is a real friend they will keep it to themselves, if they don't then you know what k
  8. Hi Folks, I just wanted to ask if there are others like me out there (male or female) experiencing prodrome symptoms without an OB. I've been diagnosed and swabbed with HSV1 genitally. The first time I noticed it was a week after sex with a woman 8 years ago when I was in uni. For the last 2 months I've been experiencing itching and nerve tingling in my groin and thigh area. My partner knows everything but her and I haven't been intimate since and I'm starting to worry it will affect our relationship. I've been occasionally doing things solo for the last few months... wonderin
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