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  1. Have any of you noticed the frequency of outbreaks changing? I would have an OB about every 9 months for the first 3 years. Now this year I have had several all in a row. I am trying to workout out why, and am leaning towards possible dietary changes being the cause. I.e if I allow too much rubbish/processed food into my diet, maybe this is triggering an OB. Thinking about my diet over this last year, I have eaten a lot of oats, chocolate, and other high arginine foods. So am going to experiment with eating a high lysine diet to see the OB subside. I think I generally m
  2. Fred hutch research centre have had some promising results, 95% eradicated the virus in mice through gene therapy. They say they are about 3 years away from having a fully working product. Google Fred Hutch Herpes. I can't post the link as the forum will flag it as spam.
  3. Have you looked into the effects of diet on the virus? Specifically the amount of arginine in your diet?
  4. You had a negative test result from a swab test. Chill
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