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  1. Yes I literally started seeing a psychologist today. Sometimes I think this sounds so stupid when I say it, but its had a serious impact on my life. I left my ex roughly two years ago (emphasis on I left) and to feel like I had some short lived encounters and acquired genital herpes makes me question leaving her. I understand it's not a big deal. Mentally I've prepared myself for it. It just leaves one in limbo when you're not sure. It just seems like an odd coincidence to have unprotected sex, and two weeks-ish later experience something like that, which I've never experienced before.
  2. I suppose the reason I cant accept the negative result of the test is that I used Zovirax on the sore in the days before the test. The doctors (yes I've spoken to multiple doctors about this) say that this shouldn't have mattered and the test was valid. If I have herpes on my genitals, I'm willing and ready to accept and deal with it as needed. I've had cold sores for years so it isnt a big deal. It just bothers me that I'm having trouble accepting the result.
  3. Thank you. I've been trying. I've learned a lot through all this.
  4. Yes I know I should just chill. It just seems quite the coincidence to develop something like this a week and a half after being with this girl, when I've never experienced anything like this before.
  5. Back in July I was with a woman. We had protected vaginal sex, but briefly unprotected vaginal (yeah I know, bad, but that's what happened), and oral sex. 11 days later, I showered, washed my penis like usually and noticed NOTHING, and went on another date. The date and I had protected sex, as well as a bunch of making out/humping around with clothes on. On that day, before the date, I showered, after not showering for 4-5 days (yeah I know, but I was on holidays and just going from one thing to another) it was hot and I was sweating constantly every day. Went on a long bike ride in tight shor
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