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  1. Hi Kyla! Sorry for your recent diagnosis. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and it was not a fun time. I have genital HSV1 as well and here are some generic answers for you. 1. Not exactly sure what you're asking here- there are two strains of HSV (2 is typically genital and 1 is typically oral) but they can move around. 2. Do you have a history of oral cold sores? I never had oral sores which is why I'm sure I ended up with it genitally instead. I've never had cold sores, but from my understanding from excessive research- HSV1 somewhere else typically protects you from an outbreak else
  2. Hi @annalove thanks for the reply! So I actually seized on the opportunity to go get it swabbed by urgent care because I caught in the first day or two that it was happening. I know I had an open "cut" when she swabbed because it was uncomfortable- test ending up coming back negative. She recommended I see a Dr because it could be related to something else but it doesn't seem like its herpes. Swabs aren't usually false negative situations- so I do believe that it's accurate. I don't currently take antivirals but I may start just to see if it stops the cuts just in case. They just happen so fre
  3. Hi all, New to the dating world after a long term relationship with my giver ended on very...unpredictable terms. Never really thought I'd have to navigate the whole disclosure thing, but here I am trying to figure it out. There's a new guy now, we talk pretty often and I've known him for a while. We facetime for 6+ hours, and have a great time when we have hung out in the past (at this point we were just friends). So now I'm interested in him- but the kicker is that he lives a few hours away from me. He has invited me to come visit him and I'm feeling stuck... Do I need to dis
  4. Hello All! Not new to this site, I've had ghsv1 for about 6 years now. In the whole time having it I've had 3 noticeable outbreaks. None have been severe luckily, and passed pretty quickly. However, given that my ex boyfriend gave it to me, I never really gave other mild symptoms a thought because I just didn't think it was herpes/didn't care because I couldn't pass him something he already had. Fast forward now- my ex and I broke up after 7 years. He's apparently bisexual...go figure. Anyway, now I'm stuck merging into the dating world for the first time since being diagnosed, and am su
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